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    Credit card removal



    I am a web developer and usually suggest godaddy to my clients. I am have a local client here in Pakistan and He asked me to buy domain and hosting for him. The issue is He paid me cash and now I want to buy hosting using my credit card but I can't remove card once its added. I don't want my card to be there after I pay as there is no option to remove the card. My client don't have credit card. Kindly suggest some solution to me. 

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    Log into the account.

    Click where the user name appears in the upper right.

    Select Account Settings.

    Below the account information, you will see 8 panels

    Top middle select "Payment Methods"

    Locate the payment method in question

    One the right you will "Click Edit"

    Scroll down, you will see "Save, Cancel, Delete Payment Method"

    Follow the prompts from there



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    Hi @SurferJoe@snitchtech,


    There is a service called 'good as gold' :


    read above and contact support to ask if it's still available.

    The 'deleting credit card' method only works as long as there is an alternative card payment method in place. There must be an payment method in place for current services.

    Sounds Like something Go Daddy needs to fix~;-0)

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    If you would like to open your own thread on this please do, but to discuss Terms and Conditions that we all freely agree to, would be going off the subject and a hijack of this thread.....................

    D you have the answer, do you understand the original question?