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    Custom 404 page in GoCentral?

    I just replaced an old site with .html pages with a new gocentral site at the same domain name. But google still has all my old pages indexed, and they all lead to 404 error pages. Is there a way to put a custom 404 page in place to send visitors to my new home page? Or can I force a GoCentral page to have a .html extension so I can replace the old pages? Or do I really have to just wait for google to index my new pages? (Please tell me that's not the case!) I looked in settings, where I can do all kinds of things like add a favicon, and I expected to see a custom 404 option, but no luck. Any ideas?

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    There is no way in GoCentral to have a custom 404 page. There is also no way to add the .html to the url's of the pages. 


    It is the case that you will have to wait for google to re index, but that shouldn't take more than 2 weeks typically and may be sped up by directly submitting your sitemap and doing a URL scan: 



    All the best, 

    Benjamin Howell