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    Advocate VII

    E-Commerce and PCI Compliance

    If you are engaged in e-commerce you're accepting credit cards in some way(s).  Almost all of the major card processors require PCI compliance and run scans on your site to test it for security and compliance.  On occassion this has been a consideration on some of my sites.  How do you get your site to PCI compliance and what do you do if you run into a problem?


    As we write, I'm doing some updates to an ecommerce site of ours and moving it to a developer managed wordpress server.  I'm adding an SSL and forcing WP to conduct all interactions across https.  I'll keep you up to date on scan results.


    I would really be interested in others ideas and solutions for secure ecommerce.


    See ya soon!



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
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    Advocate V

    I like the PDG Software.  Provided you're running on an SSL certificate and have your .htaccess set to route all traffice through https, they take care of all the PCI compliance.  The software itself is compiled and runs in the CGI space so it's super fast.  It runs on a template system with includes for top nav, bottom nav and sidebar so you can put all your page "furniture" in include files.  For the page content, they use placeholder tags kind of like smarty tags with stock tags that are available on every page and repeating tags for product lists.  The beauty of it is it's infinitely customizable.  Like most software of its type, out of the box, it's pretty plain.  But I've done some interesting things with it.

    The admin section has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from an eCommerce platform.  Customer categories, discounts on a customer category, product category or quantity basis and integration with UPS and USPS as well as a grip of payment processors.

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    I also have an e-commerce platform,  that is PCI-compliant and has a WordPress themes to go along with it.  It uses a totally different database for the ecommerce side so it does not have the inherent problems associated with WP when it comes to PCI compliance.  This cart can be integrated into most any WP theme as well as those developed by ECT.


    I've had more problems with WooCommerce vs Ecommercetemplate when it comes to compliance.  I'm hopeful that the GoDaddy managed WP hosting which utilizes the sftp, ssh connections will help alleviate the problems.


    @D3's solution is spot on when it comes to using a cart associated with Quickbooks.




    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Hi this is a first time i hv got a issue in my  wp website last night i received a emial from go daddy saying we have updated word press version to 4.5 and you dont need to worry about or you dont need to do anything since then my products are not displaying and even my banners not visible please suggest thanks 




    Check and make sure your plugins have all be reactivated.  Next, make sure your plugins are up to date.  And then make sure your theme is up to date. 


    While the core WordPress installed correctly, that does not mean that your themes/plugins are compatible with the new version.  I just noticed one of my theme developers had to make changes in light of the latest WordPress update.  Even though GoDaddy says there is nothing you have to do, they're wrong on this call.  The message should read, "Check your theme and plugin compatibility"  If possible, youi might want to set updates to notify only and not automatically install.


    You might want to Restore to a version prior to the update if you are using the managed WordPress hosting or have another backup (I use updraftplus for daily backups stored in my Dropbox). 


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites