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    Javascript error message when posting to Facebook

    I created my website in Quick Shopping Cart over a month ago and have had no problems typing the link in my facebook and it pulling up the description/picture etc. and now all of a sudden over the last few days it gives me and enable javascript to continue error in the description box instead of the website description. I haven't changed anything on the site since I created it but now I have this error. I added a share button through the product setup onto the product page and that shares just fine. I thought maybe it was me but everyone else is having the same issue with the same error.

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    Former Employee

    Greetings @danieljack,


    I'd like to suggest this is due to the ever-increasing minor security updates being rolled out on browsers as well as on Facebook® and has little to do with Quick Shopping Cart. Facebook® themselves discuss the error here:


    I hope that helps,

    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Its not just me having this issue nor just this device. No one can share my website on facebook without getting the javascript error when you type the website into your status and hit enter it puts the java error in the description. I have tried using two different phones my laptop, a friend in AZ and a friend in NC. None can share without the javascript error msg. I can share ANY other website and I've tried several just to make sure it was only mine, they all work just fine.