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    Helper II

    Tips for getting started with Joomla?

    I've been using WordPress almost exclusively since 2008. A few weeks back I had a conversation with a Joomla developer who suggested I take another look at the platform.


    So that's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take Joomla for a spin by building a website about... something... I don't know yet. 😉 It'll be a hobby site of some kind.


    Now, I know my way around the WordPress ecosystem pretty well, but that doesn't seem to get me very far with Joomla. The terminology is different, the players are different, heck the entire philosophy seems very different.


    For the Joomla users/developers in the room: What should I know? A "top ten" list or something would be super useful.



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    My thoughts on away, run far, far away and hire a contractor. 🙂

      I use Joomla a lot.  You can take a look at some of the way it works here:

    Build A Joomla Website

     It has some free videos.  Very clear and concise.   Also Mathew Tamin on YouTube has some great videos as well.


     Some things I found useful is get JSN PowerAdmin, JSN Boot, and JSN PageBuilder that extend and make it more flexible. 


      Joomla's Main Website

    You can see sample websites etc.  at Showcase Sites



    Getting Started

    It's been a while since you started your hobby website. How'd you do? I am struggling to figure out how to build mine. I had some previously that worked fantastically and continually kept me on the top of Google, but about 2008 I changed everything, went to Dreamweaver, and ever since, haven't had my own website up in years. Don't ask, just nothing I tried, free or at a high price, did what I knew could be done and I even took more classes about hand-coding (I've been on computers since the early 80's)... it's me. I want to do what I used to, I guess. Decide to build a good site and spend about 72 hours on it and have it up and running well, I guess. I dunno.


    Anyway, I like Joomla for what it does and how it looks for MY PARTICULAR users... but over the years, I, too, couldn't seem to make that work. That's why I want to know how you did.


    Also, if I use Joomla on GoDaddy, does that mean I only need a hosting account? Is there nothing more I need?


    Ours is all nonprofit and costs me about $500 a year to run the entire "business" of helping locate missing children and offer support to victims of violent crimes and their families, so spending even more money is out of the question.


    Thanks for the links below, too, after AdMacs, I'm checking those out now.



    So above the post says joomla is hard and you have to hire someone.  i am thinking about ti for my age using jomdirectory    i am looking ot build a aid and free directory.

    page howe


    I am in the process of transferring our site from Yahoo hosting to godaddy. Having trouble getting to backend of site. Want to transfer site via ftp. Any suggestions or tips on where to place everything at once. public.htm folder?