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    Former Employee

    Trouble setting up Workspace email on Mac mail - Tutorial

    Mycophage writes,  I'm trying to set up Workspace Email on the Mac Mail desktop client after successfully doing this on my iPhone and iPad.


    On the desktop, from the Mail application, I clicked Mail > Add Account > Other Mail Account. This is where the problem started. After entering the name, email address, and password, it allows me to advance to the next dialog where I'm prompted to enter the mail server info, but there is a red error message that says "Unable to verify account name or password." If I try to enter the info anyway, it spins for a while and then returns the same error.


    I know my password is correct because I set up workspace email on other devices just now, and it's working fine on those.


    Running Mail 9.3, OS 10.11.6 (El Capitan).


    Israa writes,  I would like to share the solution that worked for me in setting up office 365 e-mail on Mac Mail app.


    In the internal & External URL I put the following:



    You will get a message "unable to verify account e-mail and password"  ... click "sign in" and continue anyway.


    You will see the services that you want added. Add them and finish the setup.


    Now the email will be added, and you will see the server trying to connect. and guess what? it did! I can send and receive emails with no issues.

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