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Domain Status in the Whois

There is a domain that I am interested in, but is already registered by someone.  Unfortunately, there are a few domain statuses on the whois registrar as follows:


Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Domain Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Domain Status: clientRenewProhibited
Domain Status: clientDeleteProhibited


Do these domain statuses really mean that I couldn't reach out to that person and see if they would have any interest in transferring it to me?  If so, why would a domain have this status. 


It may be also worth noting that on the Go Daddy website, they say that they will act as a broker and contact that person for me, for a fee of course.  It seems contradictory. 


Hi @jacobm


Thank you for your post. The status you are seeing are default status that are applied to any domain registration unless otherwise modified. 


If the domain owner (registrant) has not registered with private registration they may be inclined to accept offers by direct contact. 


If the domain has private registration they may not be interested in selling or being contacted for inquiries on the domain name. 


The domain may already be for sale, be sure to check our main site as well as our auctions site , to see if the domain is already listed. 


The domain buy service (broker service) is a service GoDaddy offers to help negotiate a proper price for the domain as well as housing a safe and easy transaction without the need to divulge personal information.


For more in depth information about the processes and options for purchasing an acquired domain please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 inbound customer support line.


Best wishes!


Super User II

These settings are to help keep the domain safe in the registrants account, but the registrant is not restricted from changing them if/when they are ready to transfer a domain.  It is just an added layer of verification.


If you are ever to transfer a domain between yourself and someone who is not already a trusted business or personal contact it is basically a must to use a domain broker.  They make sure each side holds up their end of the agreement before completing the transaction.


Go Daddy offers this bundled into their Domain Buy service.  But the initial fee is paid whether or not an agreement is made (+ 20% or $15 minimum if there's a transaction).