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Getting a domain back

I had a domain that was for my photography and it was my name.  My web developer suddenly died and I had to wait for it to expire to get it back.  I worked with GoDaddy and they had me in the cue to get it and some guy in Korea grabbed it.   He has been asking $5500 for now three years.  How can I get this domain back.  He's obviously squatting on the domain that was mine.  Any thoughts how to petition to get it back?

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Re: Getting a domain back




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Re: Getting a domain back

When it happened I had to wait several months.  I contacted GoDaddy and was put on a "waiting list" for the domain and was told by the GoDaddy folks that it would be mine.  When it dropped off of her account I reached out to GoDaddy and they stated that someone else grabbed the domain.  Then it was put up for sale for $5000,  the domain is  I looked it up today and it is now for sale for $5500.  It was clearly mine and I don't understand that this person can just hold it forever demanding a very large price.  If it was $500 I may pay for it but $5000?  It's not like or something like that.

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Re: Getting a domain back

Hi @jeffcam. Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear things went this way for you. There isn't a way to guarantee you'll get a domain after it is made public. We do have a backorder service we provide, but this is never guaranteed because more than one backorder can be purchased for a domain. If it was explained to you any differently, I apologize. 


Unfortunately, just because a domain reflects your name, it doesn't mean that it would go to you by default. There is a fine line between someone squatting on a domain and someone registering it because they think it was a good investment. There's a good article here on the distinction and steps you can take if you believe a domain is being squatted on. 


I hope this helps. 


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