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The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy.

i purchased a new domain,  i changed the DNS record pointing my  VPS records,  but   Chrome  browser show  error "The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy."  .

i cleared history,  cookies and cache but still receive  that screen,  i checked  domain with TOR browser , it work normally showing the temporary  page, but when using  Chrome the error persist.

i checked similar  errors here in forum but i didn't found clear reply from support team.

appreciate  any help.




Helper VI

Hello @wmadkour


The problem is from your ISP. They are using a cache server so when you are accessing your site thru the Tor network you are bypassing that server. You will have to wait a day or 2.


I have access your site with Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer and it works.


Good luck.

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