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Website showing pharmaceuticals when searched on Google

Hi, we have a big problem, our domain in Google appear other web page some Pharmaceutic sell Viagara, and is not or page. What i can do to fix this problem?

Super User III
Super User III

Re: Website showing pharmaceuticals when searched on Google

Hey there @Mario21,


You have one of two problems:


Either your DNS has been hijacked (doubtful)




You have malware. 


The best thing to do here is to have some sort of security on your site. SSLs are good for SEO and encryptions of incoming/outgoing data, but they don't protect against malware. 


I suggest purchasing Website Security. The Essentials plan will allow you to scan your site and remove any potential malware but the Deluxe version will prevent it from happening by placing your site behind a firewall. 


Once you've gotten the site cleaned up, you just submit a new XML sitemap to the search engines and you should be good to go.

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Re: Website showing pharmaceuticals when searched on Google

Thank for you recommendation, the website Essential Security bought today and is ready active in to my domain, How many days i need wait for see any action or change in to my webpage?