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Unable to access my host's files - 404 Error


I've recently bought a domain and a hosting plan (Windows Plesk).


I uploaded the files I want my site to have into the httpdocs folder through FileZilla, but even though I'm able to reach that 'Future home of Something quite cool' webpage, everything else I try to access I get the 404 Error. 

Yes, I'm trying to access the which is the only file it seems I'm able to use it.

Could someone PLEASE help me? I need to get this going ASAP 😞


Hello @LPEsquerdo!


Welcome to the community! If your files are uploaded and there's an index file in the root directory, all you should need to do is type your domain in the address bar and it will bring up the site. If you're accessing your domain and are getting a 404, that means the server isn't finding site files in the root of the hosting account.

I'd recommend looking to make sure your site files aren't inside a folder in the root of your hosting account. If they are, that'd be the reason for the 404. Move them out into the root and outside of the folder. If your site files are in the root and you're still getting a 404, make sure there's an index file present. If it's still not working, reach out to our support team so they can have a look.


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hello, i have the same problem . if we moved the files of the secound script from the sub folder what will happen to main public files?

for an ex:  my website is this script is working perfect.  But when  i  accessed  index files are working but other files won't. how to solve this problem  please take a look at the image