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Dropdown menu problem using Velux

Using Velux theme. Any drop down box that drops beyond that thin grey line under the logo/menu area, disappears! When the basket drop down box appears to tell folk what they've bought, and you try to click on details....the box disappears! I cannot use this theme if I cant solve this. 2 MONTHS building my site. PLEASE HELLLLLLPPPPP. x 

Super User II



None of the Velux theme demos show drop-downs. Themes are limited by the layout spaces provided.  If you need more room for drop downs you may need to look at a new theme.


Taking the time to go through theme demos show you what themes are capable of and how data will be displayed.


The good news is that with WordPress switching themes is no big deal.  Your content and menus stay in place. 


HTH! 😉



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The Velux theme does have a drop down menu and he is correct that the current Velux theme is not working. I have developed multiple sites with this theme and today while working on a new website the line that is supposed to appear under the navigation menu is showing up above the the menu item and I am unable to scroll down to click on the drop down menu. Very frustrating, indeed. 


Anyone know of a fix? 


Thank you!