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Email Marketing signup form changes not reflecting on wordpress site.

I have used GoDaddy email marketing in my wordpress site through GoDaddy Email Marketing plugin. My issue is I have added extra name field in this email marketing signup form, But It's not reflecting on my wordpress site.

I also added one another signup form for testing purpose and it's not displaying in settings tab of godaddy  email marketing  in admin side. I have clicked on Refresh Forms  button on admin side settings but nothing happens.

I have also talked on godaddy live chat and the person on chat is saying that you can't use godaddy email marketing  with wordpress and we have not any  GoDaddy Email Marketing plugin for wordpress.


So please give me a advise on how can I fix it.

Community Manager

Hi @Ritima. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This sounds like it might be a caching issue. If you are using any kind of caching plugin, you may need to flush/clear your site cache to see the changes reflect on your website. Also, clearing your browser cache may help. Hopefully you're able to get this sorted out. 


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