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Internal Error 500.

I am having an issue with my site displaying the "Internal Error 500" message. I change the index file name, yet achieved nothing. I changed the content file name however it come up saying that the theme isn't there in a completely different dialogue box. This happened after I used GoDaddy to update my plugins... Regrettable mistake as I hadn't even backed the site up for over a month now.


Any help is appreciated.


Re: Internal Error 500.

If this is still an issue I'd recommend disabling your plugins so you can at least regain access to the admin section then work on finding the culprit and reinstall the problem plugin.


This guide shows you how to disable plugins using FTP. If FTP is something your unfamilar with you should have a file manager in your hosting control panel which will let you do the same.


Basically the idea is to rename the plugins to disable them. Assuming from what you said the plugins are the cause of the issue. To be sure you can always check the error logs on your hosting control panel.