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WordPress-admin just spins out and loads in text-only



I've been having some problems for several days with my website backend (wp-admin panel) just spinning out whenever I click on something. At best, it loads in text-only version. Most of the time, however, it just spins endlessly and won't load anything.


Basically, I can't do anything because no pages will load. I can't update (or even deactivate plugins), make changes to pages or products, scan for malware, etc. The website is up and responding fine on the user end, however.


I'm attaching a file of what it looks like at best when something does manage to load. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

Advocate VII

Hi @LovingWellness,


Are you on a managed WP hosting plan?  If so, there May be a server issue.


However, the display you showed in the screen capture is something that often happens if the .css for the site is corrupted. How far along are you with the site?  If you are not too far along, often just reinstalling the theme will work.  If the site was working a few days ago, you might consider restoring back to a date when it was working properly.


Hope this helps,


Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
Helper V

I had a similar issue when I was building a site hosted on my local computer. The issue was caused by a Script Blocker plugin. Once I disabled the plugin the site loaded just fine. 

If using Chrome try loading the admin panel using Incognito mode as it disables all plugins. You can also try clearing cache cookies, use a different browser. or reset browser.