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    Open Non Standard Port On VPS windows



          I own a windows VPs.I have a windows service which runs on non standard port 8081,I already created both inbound and outbound rules in windows fireWALL .Even then the port is not open.Can you please let meknow how to do this?




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    Hi @Vsingh,


    you could try the command line instead using the NETSH command.

    Learn more here:


    There is a fair amount of reading here so make a big mug of tea................ 

    You should be able to do it as you say, GUI and firewall settings and I am not sure why you can't, but any errors on the command line may give clues. It could also be due to using a non standard port number as this port number is for:

    Non standard port numbers are sometimes used as a 'quick fix' to security, but as the old saying goes, 'Security by obscurity is not security'. An old security expert mantra! Just saying........