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    Can anyone help me

    Can any one help me to manage my site https://www.bloggingranjit.com ?

    Stuck at cpanel dashboard. 

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    Re: Can anyone help me


    What is going on? How can I help ? 

    Benjamin Howell

    Re: Can anyone help me

    Hay buddy,

    There was a noob mistake, I forgot to set the name server.


    Re: Can anyone help me

    I am on Web Builder trying to improve the functionality and appearance of my Video Trailer so that I can eliminate the big Sorry! message that points to Vimeo. In my video trailer does not have a password requirement.  It's intended to be seen and played at first sight with its colorful Thumbnail image in full view with a play button.  Can you help me elevate the big SORRY on my GoDaddy site? : CircusStory.com


    Re: Can anyone help me

    i can't inter cpanel.  can you help me?