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    How to add a Subdomain?

    The instructions for adding a subdomain start off asking if I want to either  


    1. Point to an IP Address

    2. Point to a server name 


    What do those options mean and how do I know which one I want?


    I'd like subdomain of 'blog' appearing as: blog.mydomain.com


    Thanks for any help. 🙂


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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Re: How to add a Subdomain?

    Hello @AisA, if you're not sure which of the two options you should be choosing, I would recommend reaching out to your hosting provider and asking them if you should be using an IP or a server name for the subdomain.  For example, if you were hosting through GoDaddy, you'd want to set up the subdomain to point to an IP address, however if you were using Blogger, that would be a server name.  


    Good luck!