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    I am trying to change template, I think or "theme"? Pro requested

    I thought it was called "theme" it is called something else!  When I created my website I typed a term what it would be used for.  Now it locked me into this type of category.  I only see 16 themes when I try to edit.  Weren't there a few hundred options I initially saw?

    I have PTSD.  Sometimes I appear bigger and louder or more confused than I am in real life.  It is different but similar to objects in the driver side mirror.  I never mean to sound like that.  I am a bit stuck 🙂 I've done really good.  I made it this far...  So close!

    I have a blog I typed a few words on.  I quickly created it just for fun.  I want to change the template can I not do that?  When I signed up a few hours ago I saw 100 + templates.  Now I only see 16 "themes".  I also choose a wrong category.  Do I have to delete everything to rechoose a template?  I see no DELETE button.  🙂

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    Hey there!


    GoCentral is fairly new (2 years now, I think) and it's quite different than the older WSBv7. The options are a bit more limited, so you have to pick from what is available in the program itself. 


    Here's a guide on how to use the product. It's really good and covers pretty much everything you can do with it.


    If you need more options as far as the design, your best bet would be to switch to a platform that you can build a WordPress site on as WP is very adaptable.

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    I talked to 2-3 reps over a 4 hour period.  I told them I wanted a package with good template choices that was ready to go once I loaded it up.  I spent about $130 to give you an idea of what I got.  Domain, Email and Privacy.

    When I look at GoCentral I can change my business profile.  Which is supposed to give me new templates. It is not changing this template.  I am stuck with the same one.  I have 16 "themes" but all that is doing is changing the color of the template.  I guess I will check that link you gave me and figure out why I can't change the template.  If anyone has a quick thought that would be amazing!

    I was sold GoCentral, I assume it is ok.  I am just blogging but a choice of 50 + or more unique themes is great, I assumed there were 200 or more. It is showing me lots here: https://www.godaddy.com/website-templates

    So I am going into GoCentral and changing my profile (to something else).  But it does not appear to be populating new templates,.  That is the same picture.  It shows 16 themes.  The other pic I wanted to show was I understood how to change profile.