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    Manual Migration of STAGING site to PRODUCTION issues

    Just wanted to share a simple solution to an issue that I had moving a GoDaddy Managed Wordpress site manually (because SYNC tool did not work). After using Duplicator to move site with no problems from Staging to Production location, I found that WP Dashboard still displayed that my site was a staging site ("
    This is a staging site")


    This matters because some features related to SEO, search engine visibility, and other WP functionality are disabled if the site is in Staging mode.


    Solution: This is a GoDaddy plugin and just needs to be disabled.

    File to modify: $mainwpdir/gd-config.php

    Variable to change: define( 'GD_STAGING_SITE', false );


    Sorry if this is obvious to you, but before looking and finding this myself, I spent 1 hour on the phone with Hosting support and then a TIER2 support only to be told they didn't have a clue. I have really enjoyed support up to this point but they fell short on this one.

    This is a godaddy plugin and is inserted when a Staging site is created. When SYNC did not work for my site, I was instructed to migrate mannually....which I did. There should be not relating to manual migration from STAGING to PRODUCTION related to this issue. All it took was a quick findstr search and a few minutes of poking around to figure it out.


    RANT over. Hope this helps someone else.


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    Helper V
    Helper V

    Re: Manual Migration of STAGING site to PRODUCTION issues



    Happy to know that your issue is resolved, and thanks for sharing...

    Smiley Happy




    Praveen Thomas

    GoDaddy 24/7 Support www.x.co/247support