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    Helper V

    No way to reorder sections in Content section!

    UGH. Keep running into lack of functionality issues with the GoCentral store. There's no way to reorder the sections under Content I've created. After inputting all 6 sections, I realized they really would flow much better in a different order. But apparently there's no way to do that and I would have to REDO all the sections. Not good, folks. We need the same drag and drop option as used in other parts of the web builder. PLEASE??

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    Hey @Hopeful,


    Actually, there is a way to re-order the content sections within your GoCentral Website Builder page designer. This feature should have been there since our earlier launch and is a suggested help article on the side of this discussion thread. Just for extra convenience, you can also click here to review how to re-order sections.


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    Hi Chris,

    My bad. I didn't describe it correctly. I'm aware entire sections can be moved, but it's the Section Groups that cannot. The individual paragraphs within the Content. Not having the same ability here is a pain...Thanks for your help though.

    i agree, the lack of functionality on the new system is shocking