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    Pass Through

    Please forgive such a simple question and I'm sure it's answered somewhere but I don't understand all the terminology.  So, I have a Go Daddy website.  All I want it to do is when someone types in the Go Daddy website I want them to go to my Company website.  Does that make sense??  How can I do that?  Any help is appreciated!

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    Re: Pass Through

    Hi @pamgodwin, thanks for posting.

    It sounds like you already have an established site with a URL and that you want to redirect your new domain name to that site. This can be done by using Domain Forwarding. Information on setting this up can be found here:


    If this isn't what you were referring to, please reply and provide more details on what exactly you were wanting to do and a member of the Community might be able to help you further. Otherwise, GoDaddy Support teams are available to help you with setting up your domain.


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