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    Posting new photos on established page

    Having a hard time figuring out how to post new photos on my website, right at the TOP of the page?  I have to frequently post new photos of mirrors I've just made and they must be at the top of the page.  I am finding, with V7, that this is a very tedious exercise and assume I must be doing something wrong?  When I set the new photo and text, it sits on top of the original top photo and text, thus covering it up.  If I then move the original down a bit, that will cause another layer to form on the next boxes down.  What a mess!  Surely there must be a better way???  If so, please share!!!   I called tech help but they were clueless about this. 

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    Hi @AppleAnn, thanks for posting.

    There are a few ways to move groups of content. You can click and drag to make a selection box, select a number of items, and then drag the entire group to move them. You can also hold CTRL when clicking on items to select multiple items. This will allow you to move all that you have selected.


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