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    Reseller Website Builder OLA Improvements

    So I recently learned that the OLA has gone live. I immediately purchased a one month subscription to the Websitebuilder Business Plus and assigned it to an existing domain that I have. First of all, I am thrilled with what the OLA presents and all of the potential applications for this tool and the sales opportunities that it can present. However, I do have some suggestions that I would like to see implemented. First, the possibility to pay for more than one service at checkout. In other words, you book an appointment for up to say 4 individuals and each one has an independent charge. Is it possible that we could have that charge subtotaled so that the booker can pay for all four at one time and or just pay for his own portion? Secondly, the ability to edit the service to be provided on an ongoing basis. What I experienced thus far is that, as an example, if I create a service that is a repeating class, and then I come back to add additional dates and times in that repeating class, I have to basically start over again and reschedule all of the potential available appointments and or create an additional service. Could this be corrected? Thirdly, is it possible to utilize a sandbox account in either Paypal or square space to demonstrate to the potential client for the OLA the powerful ability to immediately process payment (either full or a security deposit) without going live with the OLA initially? Could also lead to additional development success for the OLA produce. I await your response.

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    Product Team
    Product Team

    Re: Reseller Website Builder OLA Improvements

    Hello @JRLoomis1963,


    Thank you for using OLA and all your suggestions. As we continuously work on our product, we definitely appreciate all the suggestions we can get. 

    Your first suggestion, a part of it is coming. Ability to pay more than one service at checkout is on our roadmap and we hope to release this early next year. Ability to pay a sub-total brings quite more complexity. I've noted this down and will discuss it with the team. 

    I agreed with you that there should be an easier way to edit the setting of a recurring class/event. Noted this down as well.

    Your last feedback regarding having a sandbox, allowing our users to do this would be helpful, but it is also such a complex challenge to handle. Regardless, I've noted this down will discuss with the team.

    Again, I appreciate all your feedback and if you have any additional feedback, feel free to write us!


    Thank you.