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    SEO Problems-Headline

    I am having problems with the SEO feature. On pages other than my home page, it keeps telling me I have no headline. I DO have headlines on my page but I cannot seem to get past this annoying section of the SEO. I add the correct terms in my headline, but it tells me I have no headline, to add a headline and try again. Please Help!!


    I got it working without calling in. Here's what I did.


    It is important to note that once you are in the SEO process, it doesn't really look at the changes you make on the webpage editor (regardless of publishing or not) // GoDaddy... can you address this?


    So you should do the following.


    1. Work through the SEO process and come up with your search terms.  They should be something you can later write into your HOME section HEADLINE and related PARAGRAPH sections.


    2. Make note of these terms and then close the SEO process.


    1. HOME section - Find a way to include your search terms in both the HEADLINE and PARAGRAPH section.


    2. PUBLISH IT and wait for the "Your website is live"


    3. Go back to the SEO process and work through the steps again.


    To Review...


    - I worked through the SEO process as far as I could and wrote down my search terms.

    - In the HOME section I added the relevant terms to the HEADER and PARAGRAPH.

    -I published the updated web page.

    -I worked through the SEO process again and made sure it agreed that I met all the criteria.


    I hope that works for you.

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    Headline refers to a headings bit of text on the main page. your big opening statement


    To resolve this, just add a bit of text to the front page, the text should ideally include one of the keywords.

    In the text editor use the drop down menu to change the text type from

    "paragraph" to "heading1"


    In the HTML code this puts heading markers around the text like this

    <H1>This is my headline</H1>

    Re-run the SEO optimisation and that should sort it, did for me


    It is not the end of the world if you don't use a headline, it is just another opportunity to index your keywords

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    Yet here we are in March 2019 and its still broken.

    Yea except it has been two years since you posted that and I am having the same issue. However, I did not use GoCentral website builder and am a programmer and most definitely have a headline. I am getting the same error.

    I'm having this exact problem trying to set up the search engine visibility feature. I tried adding H1 tags in the advanced section but it just puts the words on the website and it looks ugly.

    Hi All, 


    Have they given the solution to the SEO optimisation? I too am unable to set it up.  

    I think everyone is having the same issue and Godaddy Support does not know how to address it. I decided to recreate my website using GoCentral because it was recommended to me by GoDaddy and my old website was built in Front Page. At least with my old website I was getting traffic. With GoCentral the Website has been up for 3 months and still no traffic. I have submitted backlinks almost daily and have been hammering social media with no results. Today I used a website checking tool and found that it says that there are no keywords. I have my keyword phrase in the Header, the Header Paragraph and the Header Title but it says that it does not exist. It is starting to look like all those commercials that they are running about GoCentral are a Lie. The support person that I talked to tonight recommended that I call and talk to the SEO support group tomorrow. Mean while I have no way of getting any new customers via my website so it sounds like it was a huge waste of money because there is no way to get any rankings.

    This is not good news for me to read as I just started trying to implement the SEO yesterday.  I have spent way too much time and getting no where.  The keywords end up adding to an already great web site and taking away from the aesthetics of it. 

    I gave up many weeks ago and never renewed my membership. A big waste of time. I'm glad I never paid after the free trial.


    Any results from the SEO support group in October?

    No help at all.  No response.  Nothing.  I am disappointed with Go Daddy.

    Thank you for responding. That's very discouraging. I called GoDaddy and asked about this. I was told by a rep he knows several people with live sites that are getting hits perfectly fine, running a great business, yada, yada, yada, and that this wouldn't be the case if this issue existed. He said he'd never gotten any calls on it and never heard about it around the office. I explained to him that it is being discussed on the forum and that people have tested it out and it's still an ongoing issue. He basically dismissed me on the matter.

    It appears that nothing has changed!

    I'm having the exact same problem with v7.


    The feature is in GoCentral, but don't Go there - it's awful compared to v7. I tried it and asked for a refund - fortunately for me I never published it. GoCentral is nothing more than a few basic and hugely restricted templates. So now I'm finding after upgrading my v7, the headline is "not found". Hugely frustrating.


    Edit: I got it to work! On my home page, I changed the first line of text in the first paragraph to Heading 1, then changed the rest of the text to a paragraph. Ran the SEO again and it recognized that header. Go figure.... I had the title of my page as Heading 1 also, but it didn't recognize it as a headline. I guess "headline" means the first sentence in a paragraph?? 


    The only reason I found this is because when I optimized another page, that page I had formatted with the first line as Heading 1 and it was recognized.


    Sure would be nice if tech support could share that information instead of someone like me stumbling around and finding the solution.


    At any rate, try it, see if it works for you... <cross fingers>




    I am very glad that it worked for you, no thanks to Go Daddy. It's a shame that they have let this go for so long without a fix. Thank you for solving the issue, I for one am so disgusted with them that I will not be renewing. They keep sending me a 35% discount code, but when I went to use it I was told that it is not for renewals. Talk about shooting themselves in the foot! Now for sure I am not renewing. Thanks again Maloha401, you did great.

    @ maloni401 - Your solution worked for me!!  So simple and could be explained better on GoDaddy's website.  Thank you for sharing 🙂

    I have had this issue since 2014 when I first started my website on GoDaddy. Tonight I am updating some pages and it STILL tells me I have no headline even though I clearly do, AND I am using my keywords. Today is 2/2/18 so this thread has been going on for some time. GoDaddy's customer support is WORTHLESS and I don't believe that a solution exists to fix this issue. I will NOT be renewing my SEO anymore.

    Yes, it'seems March 2018 I'm experiencing this issue. I suppose it will never be fixed then eithere. I win'the be renewing for this as well. I guess I wasted 9 bucks and change CAD.

    I would have renewed, but since this issue hasn't been fixed, and there has been no response from the company, I would not recommend this service to anyone. This was a big waste of time and money. And they keep asking me to renew! Ha...
    Former Employee


    Nissim here from GoDaddy.

    I understand that this issue can be frustrating, my apologies for it.
    We are actively working to fix this shortly and I'll post an update once our team solves it.

    Stay tuned.


    Hi @nissim,

    How is the fix going? I am stuck with SEO at this exact spot. From reading above it seems that either SEO or Website Builder is not working. I will need to delete one of these services if it's not fixed soon. Thanks!

    It is still not fixed.  I am trying my hardest and it just will not work.