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    Store a PDF for download with Website Builder v7

    I am trying to find a way to add a PDF that visitors can download. I am using Business Website Builder and have found several helpful articles on how to do it, but they all start with adding a Download Section to store the PDF and I cannot figure out how to do that.  I may be missing something simple, but I am stumped.  Any assistance will be appreciated.

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    Super User III

    If you're using the current Website Builder it should be listed as "Files" when adding a new section to a page.


    If it is an older website you may be using a previous Website Builder.  Post back what it says in your address bar before GoDaddy (https://______.godaddy.com...) if the steps above don't work for you.

    websites.godaddy.com = v8

    websitebuilder.godaddy.com = v7

    websitetonight.godaddy.com = v6

    https://websitebuilder.godaddy.com/dashboard - looks to be v7.  I don't see any place to add a section.

    THANK YOU so very much!  I had tried first to make a button, but I never saw the "Upload" option until now. It's all fixed and I very much appreciate the help!

    Sounds good, welcome to the community!