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    URL Injection hacked


    Google thinks I have been hacked. Only came across the problem as by other half couldn't find me on a web search. there I was hiding on page 2 (on a specific search for my company name) with the text replaced with "Google thinks this website may have been hacked". I have never had an email notification from google or go daddy. 1 week later, after 3 calls, numerous chats with the online help and im not much further forwards. 

    Google still thinks im hacked. I am at a total loss now. on the phone go daddy keep on assuring me that my site is clean. I have four plugins scanning my site:

    ithemes, word fence, quttera and Anti-Malware from GOTMLS. Only A-M found a suspicious file and cleaned and quarantined it. I eventually figured out how to use filezilla, went in and found the folder /27p3 which I deleted. 

    I have gone through everything google asked me to do, last night I requested a site review and yet today (not had an email yet) it shows that it has found a suspicious page.

    I have no idea where to turn. Would the nuclear option of wiping my site and starting again work?

    Screenshot 2018-06-21 12.48.11.png

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    Re: URL Injection hacked



    The good news is your site is clean.  Ran a quick scan here.  Nor does Google flag your site in search with the nasty warning about an infected site that will scare visitors away. 😉


    The band news is Google is Google.    If you have requested a review, you'll just have to wait for their response.  (Knowing you are not flagged or infected.)


    HTH! 😉


    "Do or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda

    Re: URL Injection hacked

    thanks @Muse yes I might have been a bit impatient. Glad to see you agree with me that it is now clean. Had the email back from google to confirm all is okay now, but still waiting for the hack warning to disappear...

    Learnt a lot about internet security this week!


    Re: URL Injection hacked



    How were you able to handle the Injected URLs?

    I understand you deleted the folder added by the hacker, but for the actual URLs added by the hacker, how did you remove them from your site?

    If you don't mind, pls respond to my email: kingvincent.iv@gmail.com.

    You can also respond here if responding to my email would be too tasky.