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    top level navigation and unwanted drop-down

    When I'm editing my page i see all six of my navigation pages.  I spent hours trying different themes, layouts and fonts to get it this way. I go to the preview and see the same navigation as i did in the editing mode. However, when i publish and go to my site instead of showing my contact us page it shows a "more" dropdown and in the drop is my contact us. Why does it do this and how do I fix it?!?!?

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    Being you didn't include a URL, I'm thinking this is responsiveness at play...


    When you view your site, being it is responsive, the layout will respond to the width of the screen.   With my test site, if I minimize the size of the window when viewing, the navigation automatically detects that and moves nav items into the More drop down so they are still available.


    HTH! 😉


    "Broken crayons still color." Anon

    Try making your menu shorter. Example: Instead of "Contact Us" have it say "Contact". Instead of "Our Services", have it say "Services".  


    You get it?