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What is ENS?

Link your GoDaddy domain to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet to send and receive cryptocurrency directly to your domain. We're using ENS, or Ethereum Name Service, to make it possible for you to share your domain name, such as, to send and receive cryptocurrency, rather than sharing your full crypto wallet address.

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What is ENS and how does it work?

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. It works similarly to the internet's DNS system but uses blockchain technology. ENS translates complex crypto wallet addresses into human-readable addresses. So, instead of sharing your public crypto address to receive funds, you can share your ENS-connected GoDaddy domain.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger technology that stores data across multiple computers in a network rather than in a single location. Each piece of data, or "block," is linked to the one before and after it, creating a chain of blocks.

Each block contains a list of transactions which are validated by multiple nodes (computers) in the network. Once a block is added to the chain, the information it contains is considered permanent and cannot be altered, providing a transparent and secure record of transactions.

When you use a traditional DNS domain with ENS, it's known as DNS namespace integration. Ethereum Name Service (ENS) supports the DNS namespace integration, which allows you to link DNS domains (.com, .org, etc.) to ENS. This means you can have a .com or .org domain work on both the traditional DNS and on ENS—and you'll keep all the same DNS functionality you're used to.

For example, if was linked to ENS, then it would be possible to send cryptocurrency directly to, rather than sharing your public cryptoaddress.

How much does it cost to link my GoDaddy domain to ENS?

Nothing at all! Linking your GoDaddy domain to ENS is completely free, thanks to gasless integration. As long as you have a domain registered with GoDaddy and an ENS-compatible crypto wallet, there's no additional cost to link them to each other.

What if I don't have an ENS-compatible crypto wallet?

If you don't have an ENS-compatible crypto wallet, you'll need to create one with a provider, like a Coinbase wallet, before connecting it to your domain. GoDaddy does not endorse or advocate for any specific crypto wallet provider. It's essential to research your options and choose a provider that best fits your needs and security preferences. Once you have a crypto wallet, you can link it to your GoDaddy domain and start sending and receiving cryptocurrency payments using your domain.

The process to link your DNS domain to ENS varies by provider, but there are a few common steps.

  • Turn on DNSSEC: This establishes a chain of trust between the domain and ENS. DNSSEC works by digitally signing DNS records to ensure they aren't tampered with or forged during transit, which helps prevent malicious redirects of your domain.
  • Verify ownership: Add a TXT record to your DNS records and verify your domain ownership. Your ENS Manager App will have the specific values you need to input and complete verification.
  • View your domain: ENS now supports gasless linking, so after completing the first two steps, you're all set! View your domain in the ENS Manager App.

What happens if my domain expires?

Your domain will continue to resolve with no change for 5 days after expiration. After 5 days, your zone file becomes read-only and can't be edited, and we park your domain. The link to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet will, in most cases, be unchanged until 26 days after expiration. If you wish to keep the link to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet, you'll need to renew your domain before the 26th day after expiration.

Note: If your nameservers are changed from GoDaddy settings, the link to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet will be broken and will have to be reconnected if you change your nameservers back.

What happens if I transfer my domain?

Your zone file will be deleted from your GoDaddy account 2 days after your domain is transferred to another registrar. The link to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet will continue uninterrupted for 2 days, but the link will be broken after 2 days. You can update your domain to use GoDaddy nameservers to avoid interrupting the link to your ENS-compatible crypto wallet.

Are there any limitations or restrictions?

Yes, using ENS with your GoDaddy domain has some limitations and restrictions.

  • DNSSEC required: Before you can link your traditional DNS domain to ENS, you must enable DNSSEC on your domain. DNSSEC establishes a chain of trust between your domain and ENS.
  • Limited compatibility: Not all browsers and platforms currently support ENS. Some users may need to install browser extensions or use specific blockchain-compatible browsers, such as Opera, Brave Browser, and Puma Browser, to access these ENS domains.
  • Dependence on blockchain: The Ethereum Name Service relies on blockchain technology, which makes their function dependent on the health and stability of the blockchain network being used. If the network suffers from issues like congestion or attacks, it could affect the accessibility of the domain.

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