Time for a fresh start? Try our 5 ideas

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Suzy Q

When you first started your current job, it probably seemed like a great place to start building a career. New people to meet, challenging tasks and everything seemed so fresh and exciting in the beginning! Fast forward a few years and you may now feel that your workplace has become dull. If you feel this way, it’s time to make a change and give your life and career a fresh start!

5 ways to recapture that spark

Here are a few ways to reinvent your career and give your life a whole new beginning:

  1. Figure out what makes you happy.
  2. Do a little digging.
  3. Get extra education.
  4. Find a new employer.
  5. Start a side hustle.

There’s no reason to keep doing something you no longer enjoy. Choose one of these ideas to shake things up.

1. Figure out what makes you happy

Fresh Start Woman Standing on Pier
Start by making a list of tasks that don’t feel like work to you.

Before leaving your current job and calling it quits, take the time to think about what really makes you happy. Are you passionate about:

Answering this question is a big step toward a) deciding if you can get this out of your current job or b) choosing a different job or career that will fulfill you.

Think about what you could picture yourself doing every single day. What type of tasks wouldn’t really feel like work?

2. Do a little digging

If you decide that you can’t do tasks you’re passionate about with your current employer, do your own research and find careers that would directly align with what you really love to do.

  • If you love spending time outdoors, a career in landscaping or working as a park ranger may be the perfect match for you.
  • If you love helping others, a job in customer service might be something to try.

Whatever it is that you really enjoy, there is a career that would complement that. Make sure to read reviews on the internet before applying to any employer.

3. Get extra education

It’s possible that the career you would like to pursue may need some extra certification, licenses or education.

Ask around to confirm that getting more education will pay off — those who are already in the field will know.

Keep in mind that a new path could bring you happiness in the long run, along with a good income. If you really see yourself pursuing this career, then it may be time to get your books and get back to school!

4. Find a new employer

Fresh Start Man Holding Out His Hand

Finding a new job where you will be building your next career path can be easier said than done. If it’s financially possible for you, consider becoming an intern before committing yourself to a new position or employer.

Look around online and read reviews and blogs about any employer you’re considering before you apply. Then, before sending your resume off to 100 different places, make a list of the top 10 where you would really like to work.

Consider handing in your resume in person instead of submitting online to give the employer a good first impression. Then be persistent with following up after handing in your resume or having an interview.

5. Start a side hustle

Would you like to spend more time enjoying some of your hobbies, while possibly making a little money on the side? Instead of quitting your current job, you could always start a side hustle.

Perhaps you have a passion for oil painting. You could make time on the weekends or after work hours to paint, and then sell your paintings at local fairs or through online marketplaces.

Fresh Start Man Painting
Why not turn a hobby into a side hustle?

Finding time to pursue your hobbies and make some extra cash is a great way to add some interest and fun to your life. Who knows, maybe your small side business will become your full-time job one day? You never know until you try!

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Don’t forget to pace yourself

Starting a side business at home while maintaining your full-time job can definitely mean extra work. Now instead of one full-time job, you will also be working after-hours on your own business.

Nobody can work tirelessly, so you need to factor in periodic breaks.

Make sure to take some time off to recharge your batteries for the next long week ahead. Choose one weeknight where you will:

  • Watch your favorite TV show
  • Exercise
  • Meet up with a friend

Taking time off will improve your performance at work and also while working on your business.

New year, fresh start

If you are looking for ways to give your life a fresh start, remember that you don’t necessarily need to quit your day job and find another one.

Start by listing the things you love to do. Then do a little research and ask around to see if taking a class or two might make sense.

Starting a side business that you work on after-hours is also a great way to add some spark to your life while still retaining the security of your full-time job. The future is yours to choose!