How WordPress templates can help grow your legal practice

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Jon Hansen

Whether you have a new law practice or have been at it for awhile, you might be wishing you had more clients. Well I have one word for you: blog. A smart-looking, informative blog full of articles on topics of interest to your prospective clients will bring them in. And your first step in getting started is to pick one of the many WordPress templates out there.

Businesses that regularly blog generate 67 percent more leads than those that don’t.

Blogging will introduce your practice to clients who otherwise would not know about it. It can also establish you as a reliable source of legal knowledge. And if you add keywords to your blog articles, you can actually enlist Google’s help in attracting new clients.

Why WordPress?

If you ask anyone how to start a blog, WordPress is likely to be one of the first words out of their mouth. That’s because over the years, this content management system (CMS) has become synonymous with blogging.

One of the things that make WordPress easier is all the WordPress templates, known to the WordPress community as themes.

WordPress templates are pre-built designs that come with all of the coding done.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed WordPress and chosen a theme, you just need to add words, photos and videos to launch your legal blog.

It’s even easier if you opt for Managed WordPress from GoDaddy. They download and install WordPress for you, provide hosting and take care of ongoing updates and security patches.

Below are a few GoDaddy themes that would be ideal for a legal blog or a law practice website.

1. Uptown Style Lawyer

WordPress Templates Uptown Style Lawyer Layout

The Uptown Style Lawyer theme has a clean layout that communicates strength and integrity. Once this theme is installed, you simply replace the placeholder text and photos to suit your practice.

Whether you use this to start a blog or build an entire website, this easy-to-use theme includes:

  • A responsive design that resizes to fit the viewer’s screen, whether desktop or mobile.
  • An easy page builder with standard widgets.
  • A large library of royalty-free photos to add visual appeal to your pages.
  • A generous selection of different fonts, colors and graphics.

Check out the complete selection of GoDaddy's WordPress templates.

2. Primer Lawyer

The Primer Lawyer WordPress template lends a feeling of gravitas to any legal blog or website.

WordPress Templates Primer Lawyer Layout

This theme features a large image that extends to the edges of the screen for a modern look. Changing out the background image for one of the many high-resolution photos included with the builder is a matter of a few clicks. Scroll through the image library until you find one you like.

The Primer Lawyer theme also includes:

  • A stylish design that looks great on any device.
  • An easy page builder that allows you to add sections with a single click.
  • Free gallery of superior-quality images related to law.
  • A professional layout that will showcase your firm’s expertise and services.

Easy-to-use design tools come with this theme as well, making startup fast and intuitive. Just point, click and type.

3. Escapade Lawyer

The Escapade Lawyer WordPress theme features an off-center design with a left-hand menu that makes it easy for visitors to quickly find the information they want.

WordPress Templates Escapade Lawyer Layout

This WordPress template gives you:

  • A modern design that resizes to fit any screen.
  • Simple tools for easy page design.
  • An extensive collection of royalty-free photos.
  • Up to six columns for content.

Managed WordPress’ preview feature allows you to see what your blog or website will look like before you publish it. Keep editing and refining until it’s exactly what you want, then Publish.

Simplicity redefined

Using GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress simplifies the blog or website-building process with:

  • Automatic WordPress setup that’s considerably faster than the famous five-minute installation.
  • Backups, which will save you a world of woe if you’re ever hacked.
  • Regular WordPress software updates and security patches done for you.
  • Industry-leading hosting, with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.
  • Round-the-clock help from WordPress experts.

With Managed WordPress, you can focus all of your energy on bringing in new clients, as opposed to maintaining a blog or website.

WordPress templates: the first step to more clients

If you’re looking for clients, blogging is good for business. By writing articles relevant to your specialty, you are more likely to be found by people looking for that information online. And it’s a short hop from reading a blog post to a phone call or email.

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