Chirag G Gadhiya: Instance IT Solutions

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Cate Barker

Chirag G Gadhiya founded Instance IT Solutions®, an IT firm that provides reliable and inventive web technology solutions from two offices in Surat, Gujarat. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

The who:

How did you arrive at your business name, and how do you feel about it now that you’ve been in business a while?

The name “INSTANCE” is the keyword of Java Language; it denotes security and reusability in a programming language.

When I was pursuing a master's, I came to this keyword and named my business “Instance IT Solutions.”

We as a team have proved that in the last eight years by giving secure, fast and reliable solutions to our clients. We are honoured and proud of our work.

Instance ITChirag Gadhiya headshot

What’s your physical location?

We are located at 39, Archana Society, Singanpore Causeway Road, Surat 395004, Gujarat.

We’ve just opened a new office at:

13 to 17 1St Floor Shivan Avenue, Causeway-Dabholi Link Road Surat 395004 Gujarat.

With some businesses, location is key. Is there anything about the place you live and work that’s shaped your own business?

I started my start-up in 2013 from my home. We have since grown into an 800-square-foot area of my home (two floors).

Up till now we haven’t had any issue or problem regarding the location. However, we have decided as a professional firm we need to shift into a new office at a commercial location.

How would you describe your professional experience and background?

As the Founder and CEO of Instance IT Solutions, I am proud of the results-driven approach we’ve delivered for over eight years.

My goal is to lead and grow alongside my teams to make the impossible a reality.

Gadhiya family at dedication of new Instance IT Solutions office

In addition to increasing growth with the business, I’ve effectively managed and developed a team of 30+ employees.

Could you describe the scope of your duties?

Currently I am working as CEO and CTO. My main job is to meet clients and take requirements from them and transfer to my GM for Implementation.

I motivate myself every day with extra energy. When I come across clients’ problems or complex requirements, I am always there to solve them.

The what:

What inspired you to shape your idea into a business? What was that moment when you realized your journey as an entrepreneur needs to start now?

When I was in my second year of  Bachelor’s,  I sold my first piece of software. This is when I began freelancing.

After my Bachelor’s, I started my Master’s in Information Technology at Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology. I sold two more websites in between Master’s and Bachelor’s vacation periods.

After completing one year of Master’s, I realised “I’m working  as a freelancer, why should I not have my own brand?” This is when I named my firm Instance IT Solutions. And my journey started.

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What kind of projects do you prefer to work on?

I prefer to do projects with challenges.

I believe that what challenges you can change you.

I’m always inspired to learn something new from our new projects, as well as from clients.

We often work on back-end automation projects, which is a customized solution from lead to GST. We can also provide whole IT support — CRM, ERP, HRMS and any heavy-customized projects — to tech-based start-ups.

We also do white-label mobile application development with ERP systems like MSD365, ZOHO, SAP, and Oracle.

Could you describe your typical client (if you have a typical client)?

I would refer you to our portfolio for the answer.

Sometimes we’re in a position where it’s necessary to turn down projects. How do you manage these situations?

I feel that by properly planning and executing all those small things into your project, you can manage all of the situations [and not have to turn down projects]. We developed our own Management Tool which includes project management, CRM, task, HRMS, PMS, and accounting features.

How do you position GoDaddy products and services for your clients?

When I started in 2011, I worked with GoDaddy even though they didn’t have a presence in India at that time. So I was taking support from the US.

Throughout my journey, GoDaddy has played a major role in my work representation.

When we make software, we need servers for hosting. We are happy with the support we get from GoDaddy. We primarily use VPS servers for our clients.

Editor's note: GoDaddy now has a hosting centre located in India, enabling faster load times and better security for customer websites. You can read more here.

Could you describe a project that you feel exemplifies you at your best?

Here are a few projects we have done that were very complex:

  • Revo Group : Software which is exporter aggregator model
  • YOLOfarms : Farmhouse rental business recognized by Start-up India
Staff in new office Instance IT Solutions

The how:

How does GoDaddy Pro fit into what you do?

When you get a reward like those offered by GoDaddy’s Pro program, you will work hard for achievements. So Pro gives you motivation to achieve something.

Being promoted on GoDaddy’s website as a partner will be very useful for entrepreneurs like me.

Imagine you could travel back in a time machine to a point where you were like, Forget this. I’m done! What advice would you give yourself?

If I could travel back in time I would advise myself that you need to increase your capability, not your capacity — quality is more important than quantity.

What’s your advice for people who want to be like you when they grow up?

  1. Start developing yourself from today, not tomorrow.
  2. Learn new things every day.
  3. Have a never-give-up attitude.
  4. Don’t copy; investigate things and take inspiration. Reimagine the solution and bring innovation, it will lead you to invention.