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Nidhi Hola

Deepali Dubey’s foray into astrology to emerge on top is reminiscent of the philosophy propagated by the best-selling self-help book, The Secret. The Secret is based on the pseudoscientific law of attraction, which claims that ‘thinking about certain things will make them appear in one's life.’ Starting off in a corporate job, Deepali’s sheer power of focus of thought pulled her into her calling of astrology.

For nearly 15 years now, Deepali Dubey has guided and helped many individuals seeking her help by following a holistic approach to healing.

She offers angel healing, Tarot card reading, aura reading, pranic healing, Tibetan reiki, numerology, crystal and gemstone therapy among others. Deepali believes that God has chosen her to guide people who are facing a challenge in their lives, be it financial or personal. Her goal is to ensure that every person seeking her guidance must walk out a happier person with an effective solution for the issue they came with.

Devoted to her work, Deepali is consistently bringing hope into lives of people through her inborn talent. In order to bring structure to her offering, and to offer her services far and wide, Deepali formally set up her company website in July 2015.

A holistic approach to online success

When looking for a website partner, Deepali decided to look no further than GoDaddy owing to its reliability and popularity. With more than 17 million happy customers and 75 million domains under their management, GoDaddy seemed an ideal partner to set her up for success online. She had also heard about GoDaddy from her friends, as well as seen their advertisements on television.

“Going online was a very important step for me. Without a website, there is no way you can reach out to people everywhere! A website is an essential tool for every business,” says Deepali.

Deepali registered her domain,, with GoDaddy and chose a .com domain name to create her identity online. A .com domain is easy-to-remember and simple for customers to find online, she confirms.

She also hosted her website with GoDaddy because they offer unmatched reliability and support for hosting services. Using the domain and hosting services from GoDaddy put her business at an advantage right from the start, she states.

Deepali Dubey

Made for each other

The process of buying was easy for Deepali. By visiting, she could search and register a domain name within minutes. With GoDaddy’s powerful engine that searches the web's largest pool of available domain names, she was able to register a name that best describes her business.

Further, she was able to purchase a hosting package within minutes that helped her launch her website and become visible to the world. Since she was doing all this on her own, GoDaddy’s one-click setup was a boon. It was a very simple process that helped her set up her website without much ado. GoDaddy’s reliability promise — their 99.9 percent uptime guarantee — and award-winning 24/7 tech support ensures that her website is up and running at all times.

“Once this was all in place, which was fairly quick and easy, I felt I was ready to heal people all over the world and serve humanity, which has always been my goal,” says Deepali.

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A promise realized: Deepali Dubey

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Thanks to GoDaddy’s reliable hosting, Deepali’s website is visible to the world 24/7.

GoDaddy has been an “excellent partner” confirms Deepali. Once launched, her website has not needed any intervention from her side. She has not felt the need to call customer service, and while she has interacted with them over email, she is highly appreciative of their quick counsel and responsiveness.

With GoDaddy as her partner, Deepali has seen her astrological consultancy flourish. People all over the world have found her and found solace in her services. Today, most of her customers reach out to her via her website.