Domain name search: Your first-priority business startup task

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Juned Ghanchi

When starting a new business, your topmost priority should be to select a creative, valid and catchy domain name, as it is the online address of your business and is essential to your business identity. The first step to getting a suitable domain is a domain name search.

A domain name gives you a global internet location that remains the same — even if you move your store many times.

In choosing a domain name, you must take various factors into consideration — such as easy pronounceability, memorability and uniqueness. You must choose a name you want your company to be identified with for the rest of its life.

Though you always have the option to change the domain name of your website, it is not advisable to do so once you have established your online identity. The older the domain name, the more value it has on the internet. So it’s important to choose well.

Why is a domain name important?

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Your domain name serves as the online address of your business.
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With the boom in the startup ecosystem, it is the business name that will help your business flourish as a recognizable brand. Studies have shown that brand recognition prompts customer purchases in 77 percent of the cases.

This highlights the importance of your company name as an essential brand element, along with a matching domain name. Together, they show that you are serious about what you are doing and are thinking forward by welcoming the digital age.

How to select a suitable name

Ideally your search for a business name and domain name will happen concurrently so you need to know how to pick a domain name. Online business name suggestion tools such as these are useful for this:

Panabee website home page

Business name generators provide suggestions based on your input. If the idea you type into Panabee has already been taken, it will suggest similar alternatives. Name Mesh provides suggestions on using synonyms, blended words and SEO keywords to come up with a strong business name.

If you find a business name you like, all of these generators have a built-in domain name search which tells you if the matching domain name is also available (along with available options if it’s already taken). It is always a good idea to have the same business and domain name, as people will remember your business name when looking for you online.

The key benefit of a domain name is that it allows you to build a business website and have an email with the business name in it (e.g.

Good domain names are clear, concise, easily memorable, not too long and relevant to your niche. Your domain name might drive more relevant traffic to your site if it includes an important keyword.

Check if your domain name is available now

Once your domain name search is complete, the next step is domain name registration. It should, however, be done with great caution because a domain name once registered cannot be undone. If you misspell your desired domain name and complete the registration process, that name is yours for the duration of the registration period.

As soon as you find an available domain name that matches your business name and you are assured it’s exactly as you want it, you should register it.

After the domain name search is complete

After all is ready with your business name, the next step is to apply for:

Next you must get the name of the company approved and registered by filing the incorporation forms. To do this, you’ll need a passport-size photograph, the PAN card (as identity proof) and a utility bill not more than two months old (as address proof). Take care while choosing the company category:

  • Sole Proprietorship Company (SPC)
  • Partnership Company (PC)
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Private Limited Company (PLC)

You’ll need to report this during the registration process as well.

While registering a business was once a five- to seven-day process, now it is just a single-day affair as the processing of incorporation proposals is being centralized.

Choose your business name wisely

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Searching, selecting and registering a business name — along with the matching domain name — is the first important step for your new business or startup. Remember, if your business can’t be found on the web, it is invisible to many who are even now searching for your goods or services.

Luckily, many of the company name generators found online have domain name search built-in. This greatly simplifies the process of choosing a unique, simple and brand-compatible domain name for your business.

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