India’s IISRT takes technical content and collaboration online

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Andrea Rowland

Ramesh and Vivek Chakaravarthi, founders of the International Institute of Scientific Research & Technology (IISRT) in India, are in the business of brokering knowledge. From artificial intelligence to structural dynamics, the scholarly duo connects engineers with high-quality educational content and with each other.

They couldn’t do it without a website.

“We wanted to host and invite content related to engineering as an e-channel, and a website was the ideal solution. GoDaddy helped us acquire the right domain name to build a global repository of relevant content for the engineering community.”

The Chakaravarthis registered a memorable and search-friendly domain — to serve as the online address for their website. And they attached professional email to the domain so they could credibly correspond with scholars worldwide and invite fellow engineers to participate in their digital dream.


The website launched in May as a online library that users can access easily on any device. It addresses the challenges its founders faced as students searching for readily available engineering information, and makes it possible for like-minded peers to share ideas. houses a growing body of knowledge important to engineering enthusiasts, including scholarly articles and information about upcoming conferences.


The website already is exceeding expectations, its founders say. “Today, is gaining international reputation as the preferred destination for collaboration and information sharing for engineers.”

That’s techno music to our ears. In the words of Rajiv Sodhi, vice president and managing director of GoDaddy India: “GoDaddy is delighted to make its contribution towards helping students, scholars and enthusiasts collaborate and share ideas through platforms like"

Yep, that’s what it’s all about.