How to find and secure your unique brand & business name: a 2024 guide

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Vinita Malu

While kickstarting your business, picking a unique brand and business name is one of the most important first tasks for you.

Once you decided on a business and brand name, it is almost permanent. Changing names after deciding on one requires a huge effort.

Your business name should be an indication of what your business does for your target audience. They also tend to assess the quality and appearance of your business/product based on its name.

For instance, people who have not yet seen or heard about Urban Ladder can sense that it sells modern furniture.

India’s love of creative names

India is a country with diverse languages, and for a majority of the population, English is a second or third language. Hence, it is common to see names that use a mix of English and Hindi — Hindi words in the English script.

It’s common to see Indian brand names like ‘Bajaao’ and ‘Dainik Bhaskar’ — the former sells musical instruments online and the latter is a popular Indian newspaper. You will also see a mix of English and Hindi used in brand names as in ‘Big Bazaar,’ a famous retail outlet in India belonging to the Future Group.

As you can see, these names are easy to remember among Indians. They are more likely to remember a name in their first language — even though it is written in the English script.

What is a brand name?

Your brand name is your first point of contact with potential customers.

A brand name is an identity/personality you create for your product or service.

In the beginning, a brand name primarily creates intrigue. Whether people see it in a Facebook ad or on a T-shirt, that’s all they know about your business.

As customers experience your product or service, those experiences help shape the brand persona. Based on the image you are able to project, and the experience on offer, a strong brand name can trigger a positive recall for your business.

Brand name vs. business name

Taj Hotels, for example, is one of the oldest and most luxurious five-star hotel chains in India. The business name behind the ‘Taj’ brand is Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL).

Here the business name — IHCL — is different from the brand name.

In this case, the brand name and business name are different, but they don’t necessarily have to be so. Nike, Britannia, Amul and Dettol are some household names in India where the brand name and business name are the same.

Product name

A product name, on the other hand, could be a generic term associated with the business, like ‘Hotels’ in the example above. Businesses create specific identities for various products to help differentiate their offerings.

Again using the same example, IHCL has multiple properties in India’s party capital Goa, namely:

  • Taj Fort Aguada
  • Taj Exotica
  • Taj Holiday Village

Your brand name, product name and business could all be the same or different, depending on your business vision, and being mindful of regulatory compliance and trademark norms.

Why is it important to choose a unique brand & business name in India?

Your business name reflects your brand

Choosing the name for a child is an important and challenging decision for parents. They spend umpteen hours squabbling and researching to come up with a name that is contemporary, unique and reflects a trait that may positively affect their child. For budding entrepreneurs, their venture is no less than a child, and they face exactly the same dilemma when looking for brand name suggestions for their new product or service.

Dettol is a brand name that has come to mean cleanliness.

A brand name is an important asset for any business. The brand name is not just the identity of the company, it also reflects the:

  • Brand promise
  • Product or service on offer
  • Ability of the business to differentiate itself from its competitors

Your brand name will have an impact on whether your business can attract customers and quality employees alike.

If you are looking to christen your new endeavour, you need not spend big bucks hiring copywriters and marketing consultants for brand name suggestions. Just use this list of tips to jumpstart your thinking.

First impression

Our subconscious mind is way smarter than our conscious mind. The moment we see something, we start forming opinions about it. In short, we are judgmental.

A study says that 77% of the purchase decisions are taken on a brand name. While we think human beings are the most rational animals, the most important decision of making a purchase is based on emotions and not logic. If a brand evokes positive emotions, people tend to buy more.

Your business name is one of the first points of contact with your customers. It is the first impression of your company. Hence, make it impressive.

Domain name availability

Your business does not exist if you are not online. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s important for you to know.

We are living in a digital world where companies are competing to grab customers’ attention online.

For this reason, you will not want to select a company name for which the domain name is not available.

Just as an example, let us say you would like to name your business Flipkart. You decide you will register a .com domain name because it has global appeal. Type into the box below to see if it is available to you.

As you can see, the popular internet retailer has already registered Since only one person or entity may use a particular domain name at a time, you will need to find a different name for your business website. You’ll want a business name for which the matching domain name is available to you.

No going back: it is unwise to change the name later

Technically, there are provisions to change your company name, both online and offline, but it is not advised. You’ll not just have to rebrand your business — from printing new business cards to installing new signage — but all the links and trust you have earned on the internet will be lost.

Let’s say you’ve already begun trading under the business name of Flipkart when you realize this name is already being used. Setting aside the legal issues of using a trademarked business name, there are other concerns to changing your business name after startup.

  • It is like starting your business all over again.
  • Your SEO efforts will go in vain, and all your existing links will break down.
  • You will have to rebrand your business, with all of the costs that go with it.

I know you don't want to do that. You want to make the best choice on the first go. Let’s see how you can do that.

How to find and choose your business name?

Some great business names can happen by a stroke of inspiration and luck, but many good business names don't happen overnight. It can take days of brainstorming to find the right business name, but here are some ways that can help you narrow down a list of potential names and nail your creative business name.

Research on your target audiences and competitors

Leverage brainstorming strategies to compile a detailed list of possible company names. Study the broader naming landscape — how did your competitors come up with their names? Are there certain naming trends within your industry?

Consider big-name brands that are instantly recognizable. Take for example, Kleenex or Sharpie. What associations do these names evoke? Finding the perfect name for your brand will require in-depth research and repeated revisions.

Although you can initiate this process independently, it's important to seek the opinions of trusted mentors, friends, and family before making it public.

Creating a brand identity

The first step towards creating a brand name is to identify the characteristics of your product or service as honestly and precisely as possible and define your target audience.

You need to ask yourself what you want to convey with your brand name. Exclusivity? Everyday use? A low-cost solution?

Don’t forget to speak the language of your customers:

  • If likely buyers are young, you might consider using slang terms they use
  • If your target customers speak a particular dialect, consider this in choosing a brand name

Another consideration is how easy the brand name is to spell and remember. Imagine future customers speaking your business name to their friends — will the friend be able to type it into their smartphone correctly after hearing it?

Finally, will this name be viable for your long-term vision?

This exercise can help you streamline your choices. It also sets up a path for your future marketing and business strategies. Once you have it down, you can start using graphics and logos to brand yourself on social media and other marketing assets. You can even try GoDaddy's free logo maker to create your own custom graphics using hundreds of easy-to-use design templates.

Perform a word dump

Begin by writing down all the words pertinent to your brand and sector. Don't overthink it. The purpose of a word dump is to produce a spontaneous outpouring of ideas.

Set a timer (ranging from 10-30 minutes) and try to continuously write during this period — from descriptive words to root words from other languages or words that depict your product or service. Don't hold back.

Use a thesaurus. Refer back to the list of words from your word dump and use a thesaurus to discover synonyms and antonyms.

Broadening your list will provide more possibilities. You can then eliminate names that are not relevant. However, don't just limit yourself to adjectives. Some of the most powerful company names are nouns.

Use a business name generator

Naming a business is an important task, one that many businesses spend fortunes on. After brainstorming with your friends, co-founders and family for ideas, you can also use the following 3 company name generator websites to get company name suggestions.

Business name generators offer a list of potential company names based on a few targeted keywords. These generators simultaneously check domain availability, ensuring you don't select a company name only to discover the “.com” domain for it is already taken. You can specify your industry, products, and services, and apply other filters, such as adjusting the tone and length of your business name. The more keywords you input, the more varied the suggestions you’ll get. Try it multiple times and keep refining until you land on the perfect business name.


In search of a distinctive name? Consider exploring Wordoid. This tool aids in generating original, memorable, and impactful words that can be used for your business name. It's conveniently connected with GoDaddy, a domain hosting company, simplifying the process of purchasing a domain name if you choose to do so.


Company Name Suggestions NameMesh
Type a few words into NameMesh to get a list of available domain names

NameMesh helps you choose a business name by showing domain names that are related to what you do and available for registration. It gives a long list of ideas categorised under the following heads:

Common — Domain names containing related words, including hyphenated phrases (not recommended).

Short — Here the Top Level Domain (TLD) is a part of the domain name, making the whole thing shorter. For example,

New — Suggests names that end in new TLDs such as .club, .shop and .global.

Similar — Includes available domain names containing similar words.

SEO — Name suggestions with suffixes and prefixes added to the root keyword.

Fun — This includes breaking, joining and jumbling words to create new funny words.

Business Name Generator

If you have a specific word in your mind around which you want to name your business, then I would recommend this naming tool.

Business Name Generator gives you many abstract and keyword-specific company name suggestions. It also tells you whether the name has been registered so far or not. Just make sure to cross-check what the suffix/prefix means in isolation and in combination with your keyword.


Company Name Suggestions Names4Brands
Name generators are helpful if you’re having trouble thinking of good names

Names4Brands is another free naming tool. In addition to offering the basic options, it also gives you a choice of languages (including Tamil and Hindi) as well as a numerology calculator.

Editor's Note: With thousands of businesses being floated every day, it is unlikely that you would be able to run with whatever brand name you come up with. Make sure to check with the GoI registry under the Indian Trademarks Act 1999 if the brand name is available to avoid any future complications.

Unique business names in India

Before we get into our naming rules, let’s start by looking at a few unique business names of startups in India:


Coolberg, a Mumbai-based startup, produces handcrafted non-alcoholic beers. Since 2016, Coolberg has been making parties and gatherings easier for non-alcoholic friends/family with a range of flavours.


Shuttl logo

Shuttl is an app-based minibus public transportation service for commuters. Founded in 2015, the service provides a hassle-free and convenient travel option.


This app was developed in Mumbai in 2016. It stores and shares medical reports and prescriptions with doctors, allowing patients to skip the hassle of an in-person visit.


Treebo is an Indian budget hotel chain that operates on franchising. Since launching in 2015, it has grown to more than 350 hotels in 80 cities in India.

Cowrks logoCoWrks

In 2016, CoWrks was founded to offer fully furnished and managed coworking spaces at affordable pricing in India. The company has locations in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad and Chennai.

CoWrks not only survived the pandemic but is thriving. India has one of the largest office markets in Asia Pacific region. CoWrks has happily stepped up to satisfy the demand for office space among IT/ITeS, BFSI and consulting firms.

You would have observed how simple and at the same time appealing the above-mentioned business names are. Choosing a unique business name is not that difficult — you just need to follow a few rules.

Guidelines for unique business name ideas in India

Yes, many good names have already been trademarked. But there still are a lot of cool business names no one has thought of. Check out the online business name suggestion tools in this post to get started.

1. Make sure it is easy to remember

How do you like these names: Speesees, Naymz or Flickr?

Yes, these businesses did it, but only by spending lots of money on awareness advertising.

Coolberg logo

The most common mistake that businesses make while choosing a business name is coming up with something too difficult. The easier your business name is to pronounce, spell, share and remember, the better it is for your business. You don’t want to lose business just because people can’t remember your company name. Plus, when you choose a misspelled name, you’ll have to spell out your domain name every time you mention it.

Try to keep your business name short and avoid all the:

  • Useless acronyms
  • Complex or jumbled-up words
  • Numbers and hyphens
  • Misspellings

Some examples of unique and easy names are Paytm, Zomato and ClearDekho.

Should you go abstract?

Abstract names are the ones that have no association with the business name or what it produces. These names are in trend as they are catchy, unique and provide the flexibility to sell anything under them.

Some examples of abstract names are Kodak, Google, CrazyEgg, Pepsi and Asana.

Company Name Ideas Apple Logo

There are generally 2 types of abstract names:

  • Names with meaning, but no product association: For example, Apple and Oscar are the names that existed before they became business names. But neither of them relate to what the respective companies do. Apple produces sleek, user-friendly computers, mobile phones and tech gadgets — not fruit.
  • Invented names: You can choose something absolutely original that does not exist yet. Like the very popular brand names Jabong or Flipkart for example, neither word has meaning per se. This option is good when you’re not sure if your business model will work.

An abstract name can be easy to remember for your customers. If, for some reason, your business doesn't turn out the way you wanted, you can use an abstract name for some other business. With an abstract name, if you want to add categories or you decide to revamp the entire business, you need not change the name of your company.

The only downside is that it will take time (and marketing dollars) to fix your business name in consumers’ minds.

Fun pronunciation

It’s not necessary that your name should be fun to pronounce but it’s good if it is. For example, I love pronouncing:

  • Ola
  • Zomato
  • Kodak

Consider names like Bella or Ella — you found them interesting, right?

This is because of the element called cognitive fluency. Our minds love anything they find easy to understand and process.

Pro tip: The quick way to find a name that’s easy to pronounce is to make sure it has vowels. Our subconscious has a unique association with vowels. If you notice, babies speak in vowels — they even cry in vowels.

2. Hints at what you do and/or use names with a keyword in it

Choose business names that helps your customers paint a picture in their minds and understand what you do. The more your name communicates to the audience, the less effort you have to take to explain it. For example, on hearing, I can easily draw a picture of something that shares stories of people. On hearing Nature’s Basket, I see a basket full of fresh, green fruits and vegetables.

Unique Business Names FreshMenu Website

Thus, try to include information about what your business does in your business name. You can tell from the name what type of service FreshMenu provides.

This will also make it easier for your potential customers to find your business on search engines.

For instance:

  • Ola Cabs is an Indian transportation network company offering cab services.
  • FreshMenu is a food delivery service.

Just by looking at their names, we can guess their offerings.

Don’t try to include all information about your products in your business name. Just try to convey the main idea. For example, if you are starting a pharmacy business, think about using words like cure, medication, fit or healthy.

You may also want to have your business or industry keyword right in the name itself. A keyword is a word or phrase that your customers will likely type in when looking for your product or service on the internet.

Using this method, your business name itself conveys what you do — for example, or

This method has an extra advantage of ranking for the keyword. However, you have to be careful as Google is cautious of the exact match domain names.

You can find keywords for your business using this guide.

Depending on the type of business you are running, you can come up with a business name by finding unique names or jargon specific to your industry. For example, if you’re a photographer then you can choose a name related to words like pixel or focus.

If it is related to fashion then you can have something like yoke or grading. You get the idea.

Appeal to the senses

Tap into the human psyche by invoking a positive response based on sound, smell or perception. These associations can help convey certain information or perceived traits about your product.

For example, there are restaurant names such as:

  • Red Chillies
  • Masala Library
  • Aromas

On the other hand, you can look at brand names that play on perception. We have beauty products named Lux as a play on luxury, and Forest Essentials that creates a perception of organic ingredients.

Recall or connotation

Using a brand name or business name that helps recall an image or feeling makes it easier to connect with the customer. It could be related to anything that you think ties with your business persona:

  • A name
  • Place
  • Mythological creature
  • Metaphor

Reliance Industries looks to convey ‘trust’ as a synonym, while eCommerce giant Amazon suggests the breadth of its products is as expansive as the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

Word combos?

So, put on your creative hat. We’re going to explore some very creative names for your company.

Think of some words related to your industry. Then type them into a tool like Name Combiner — it melds two to four words into really creative names.

Say you sell cosmetics — let’s put in beauty and cosmetics and see what shows up.

Company Name Ideas Combination Tool

You can put one Hindi and one English word in the tool to make the experiment more interesting. It doesn’t take long to come up with some innovative combos.

Blended names

You could also create a brand name by blending different names or words. You could possibly come up with unique sounding words in this way.

Adolf Dassler used his nickname and part of the surname to coin Adidas, the name of the sports retailer.

Infosys (technology) combine parts of the words ‘information’ and ‘system’. Although it’s not a proper English word, the combination suggests the products and services the business provides.

4. Won’t limit future growth

A business owner would not like to have a business name that could create a hurdle in its business growth. Hence, before finalising your business name, always think about the future.

Avoid using a specific place in your business name. Business expansion or change in business location may become a problem in business growth.

A business name like ‘Delhi Clothing’ may imply that you serve only in Delhi.

The same applies to the products or services you provide. If you intend to expand your business offerings in the future, try not to make the name too specific.

For example, perhaps your company makes women’s clothes but in the future, you might try to capture the male market as well. Then having a business name like ‘The Modern Woman’ wouldn’t be helpful.

5. Matching domain name is available

As a part of your business name generation process, it is important to check which business names are already registered. The Government of India maintains a database on this here.

However, in the internet era, you must also check available domain names before agreeing on a business name. Do this before you register your new business name with the government.

The domain name will become your website address, so make sure you can buy the matching domain name for your business website.

The website name should reflect the nature of your business, and ideally, it should be the same as the brand name.

Nothing is more confusing to customers than a business named Ahuja Fine Fabrics with a web address of

Type in a business name you like to check the domain availability of the matching domain name:

Make sure to register a domain name that matches your business name, or else it could create confusion for your customers.

6. Numerology

We often consider numerology as an orthodox concept and ignore it completely. But the truth is, names are a form of energy and every energy has good and bad vibrations. Find out the numerology score of your business name before you make a final choice.

7. Check out its meaning in other languages

If you’re not limited to India and catering to other countries as well, this step can save you from any possible embarrassment later.

Here is an interesting example of such failure: Pee Cola is a popular soda bottled in Ghana. Its name means ‘very good cola’ to the locals, but that’s not the tourist’s first impression of this drink.

8. Use your name or your family's name

One of the easiest ways to brand a business is by using the name of the founder.

Aditya Birla (conglomerate), Honda (automobiles), Sabyasachi (fashion) and Hiranandani (realty) are some examples of names used as brand names. If you’re a coach, trainer or would like to become an influencer like Jon Loomer or DigitalDeepak, your name can be a good company name.

However, there are some downsides to naming your business after yourself. If your given name is very common, it may be hard to find a domain name for your website (because one of the 27 other people with your surname would have already taken it).

Also, if you decide to sell the business in the future, the new owner will be faced with the option of changing the name and losing all the brand recognition that has built up over the years or keeping a business name that does not match their surname.

You might also want to put some distance between you and your business by naming it something else, so clients don’t always expect to meet exclusively with you.

9. Abbreviations for longer words

Another easy hack is to abbreviate either the founder’s name or a long trade name. H&M (apparel), HCL (technology) and ICICI (banking and finance) are some popular examples.

Abbreviated names are easy to remember, but usually do not say much about the business or what goods or services it offers.

How to secure your business name in India?

After you make a decision on your business name, it's time to secure it and claim your ownership. Here are the steps that you will need to take:

Purchase a matching domain for your business name

Your website name — or domain name — helps people find your website. As mentioned above, the domain name you purchase will become your website address, so make sure you can buy the matching domain name for your business website.

Domain names are unique and given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Hence it is important to register the chosen domain name as soon as you can.

Type in a name you like to check if the preferred domain name is available and not taken by anyone else:

Once you find your desired domain name, you will need to register it. This can be done through a company like GoDaddy, which offers domain registration services. You can get a domain name here for a modest fee. Of course, that’s a recurring annual charge, so check all the plans on the GoDaddy site. We recommend booking your domain for a longer period of three to five years for best results.

Related: What is a domain?

Register your business name with the government

Once you’ve chosen your business name and bought your domain name, you will want to apply for:

Next, you must get the name of the company approved and registered by filing the incorporation forms. To do this, you’ll need a passport-size photograph, the PAN card (as identity proof) and a utility bill not more than two months old (as address proof). Take care while choosing the company category:

  • Sole Proprietorship Company (SPC)
  • Partnership Company (PC)
  • One Person Company (OPC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Private Limited Company (PLC)

You’ll need to report this during the registration process as well.

While registering a business was once a five- to seven-day process, now it is just a single-day affair as the processing of incorporation proposals is being centralized.

The next task is to set up a website to bring in customers.

Nail your company name right at the first instance

The last thing to remember is that unique business names can’t totally make or break any business, but they definitely can have a powerful impact.

The right name acts as a foundation on which you will build your business. It’s not just a name. It’s the cornerstone of your business identity.

Hence, try to get the right name to make sure your business is off to a great start!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are some catchy business names?

Catchy business names are easy and fun to say and stick well in your customers' memories. Here are some ideas on how to come up with a catchy business name:  

Combined name:  There are ample ways to be clever here. Just make sure that the word combo is easy, intuitive, and even looks good when written out. For example, UpGrad  (Up+Grade) is a higher education portal offering courses in Data Science, Technology, Management, and Law online.

Family name: One of the most natural ways to name a business is to use the founder's name, surname, or family member's name. For example, Kamal Products, a manufacturer and supplier of bedding products like pillows, cushions, quilts, duvets, and mattresses, was named after the founder

Unique Business Names Group Seated at Table

's wife.

Rhyming name: Rhyming names are pleasing, soothing, and fun. It is easy to remember and pronounce. Rhymes create a kind of music, and responses to music are located in our emotional home, the right brain. For example, CookingShooking is a YouTube official food channel.

Epic name: Many characters/places in history and entertainment signify traits or qualities you may want your business name to be associated with somehow.

Temples are widely recognized in India as sacred sites and places of worship. Combining the words temple and yoga creates a solid and memorable name for a business that teaches Indian yoga practices.

Local or foreign name: One way to add a little creativity is to use a word in local or another language that can make your business seem exotic and memorable for potential customers.

For example, Flechazo restaurant in Bangalore. Flechazo means love in Spanish.

Another example is Jai Kisan (Kisan means farmer in Hindi), a platform that serves rural emerging markets with long-term funding. 

Industry-associated name: Think about adjectives that describe your customers or how they want to feel about your products or services. Flock, which means a group of birds or the act of coming together, is a good name for real-time messaging and collaboration apps.

Tweak name: Remove or add a letter or change the spelling of a well-known word to make your business name more attention-grabbing.

For example, Groww is an investment platform that combines stockbroking and direct mutual funds to provide a new way to invest money. 

What is a unique business name?

A business name is more than just words. It plays an enormous role in a brand's growth and perception, ultimately making or breaking a company.

The first thing a customer interacts with is your business name.

So making a powerful impact at the starting point is key to success. Hence it is crucial to have a good and unique name for your business. 

How do I get a unique business name?

The best business name for your company is a simple representation of your business's essence, purpose, or mission. It's an identity that you might want to have for your company.

Unique business names are usually:

  • Made up
  • Unusual
  • Have special meanings

As such, they can come from all kinds of ideas and inspirations.

Several business name generators can help you in getting a unique business name. But always remember that no tool is a substitute for having a deep understanding of your market.

So, before you start searching for your business name, try to answer the following questions. 

  • What is the state of the industry?
  • Who is your customer?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What sets your business apart?

A business name that resonates with your industry and consumers can save you money, since you won't have to spend advertising dollars clarifying a muddled message. A unique name should also lift your business above competitors, help you reach new markets, and open doors to further growth. 

How to choose a business name?

The best business names are short, unique, and sum up your business values.

Once you have a list of business names that achieve this, use this checklist of considerations to ensure you're only shortlisting your absolute unique business name ideas. Each name must:

  • Be easy to pronounce, spell and sounds good when said aloud.
  • Allow your business to grow. Don't limit your name ideas to a specific product, niche, or market — you may wish to grow beyond this someday.
  • Be creative, memorable, and stands out from your competitors.
  • Be available as a trademark, a domain name, and is legal.
  • Be web and visual-friendly and lend itself to memorable design, including icons, logos, colors, etc.
  • Make you feel happy, proud, and comfortable.

You’ll also want to make sure the name you choose doesn’t mean something negative in another language, culture, or industry. 

Once you have shortlisted a few business name ideas, the last step would be to get feedback. The feedback, if possible, should be from your known people (friends and family) and random people (target audience) to get validation on the effectiveness of your business name idea. 

Once you've decided on the best name for your new business, perform a trademark search.

Conducting a Trademark search online will reveal any trademarked brand names that are the same or similar to your name.

If it is already trademarked, it is better to move on to the next favourite name on your list.

If it is similar to your name, it might confuse consumers, especially in the same business category.

The best option is to alter the name or select a new name. You could use some websites specializing in trademarks, like the IP India public search website to check for trademarks. You can also search the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database for names that have been registered as trademarks

Editor’s note: Once you have your name sorted, put your new business online in less than 5 minutes with Online Starter Bundle.

UPDATE: This unique business names post was first published on 19 November 2019 and updated 13 June 2022 and 28 December 2023. It also contains content originally published on the GoDaddy India blog, written by Juned Ghanchi, Digvijay Singh, Shweta Saxena, Maneka Tanwani and Brian Pereira.

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