Strong online presence fuels success of India’s Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools

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Stephanie Conner

Energy makes the world go ‘round. But finding greener energy sources is essential, and in some countries, oil and gas are harder to come by. But thanks to energy pioneers like India-based Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools (JKMT), developing nations have access to biofuels.

Founded in 1994, JKMT manufactures biomass briquetting machines, which turn agro, forestry and municipal waste into biomass briquettes. The briquettes are a biofuel substitute for coal and charcoal and are used to heat industrial boilers and produce electricity from steam. They are common in India and other countries where other energy sources are not as widely available.

A greener option

JKMT is located in the city of Rajkot in Gujarat, India. Rajkot is home to several small-scale manufacturing industries. JKMT has built upon its early success in fulfilling the demand for energy within these industries, and today is a much-sought-after manufacturer in India and South Asia.

JKMT’s briquettes can be used to power boilers (such as those in sugar mills, paper mills or other processing plants), furnaces and foundries, and brick kilns — as well as in residential and commercial heating. An economical fuel when compared with other fuels, the briquettes are also easy to transport and store.

A website that works

For the company’s managing director, Sanjay Tilala, his company’s website has been an indispensable tool. It is, he says, the mainstay of his sales and marketing efforts.

JKMT Managing Director Sanjay Tilala says his company’s website now yields about 50 inquires per day.
JKMT Managing Director Sanjay Tilala says his company’s website now yields about 50 inquires per day.

At one time, the JKMT website yielded just 10 inquiries a month. That number is now 50 per day. To help him manage that growth, Sanjay wanted a partner that could provide reliable support and help him manage his company’s increasing website traffic demands. A friend recommended GoDaddy — where the unlimited disk space and bandwidth were key. As Sanjay explains:

“GoDaddy’s reputation for reliable servers sealed the deal. Their competitive pricing and excellent customer service personalized to my business reminds me every day that I made the right decision.”

Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools website home page

In late 2012, he transferred his domain name and web hosting to GoDaddy and set up an email account. The new website and the personalized email addresses helped JKMT look more professional and helped them established their business identity. Plus, the 24/7 support was a big deal.

“I am not very technically savvy,” Sanjay says. “GoDaddy Customer Care answered my questions in a simple language I could understand without using any IT jargon.”

Sanjay had to call GoDaddy several times during his initial web host setup. His calls were answered quickly, and his concerns were consistently addressed. “From the very first call,” he says, “I realized that I had made the right decision.”

Today, Sanjay plans to move his other business domains to GoDaddy, and he believes his decision to partner with GoDaddy will be important as his business continues to grow and reach new heights.

“They have provided outstanding support every step of the way,” he says.