Women in WordPress: Maja Loncar’s journey in building WordPress communities

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Maja Loncar

The beginning of my journey

In 2011, my journey with WordPress began within a corporate setting. Back then, the company I worked for represented a constellation of globally renowned brands. At that juncture, our need to instill trust in our audience propelled the quest for a unified online presence. This was the start of laying the foundation for what would become a pivotal chapter in my career.

At that time, our enthusiastic tech department embarked on the task of creating a few WordPress templates. Their dedication and genuine love for the platform were contagious, capturing the hearts of everyone involved. This initiative marked a technological advancement and the birth of a community spirit within the organization.

Contributing to WordPress

Little did I anticipate that this initial encounter with WordPress would evolve into a decade-long mission, extending well into 2019. Over the years, my involvement in WordPress projects has taken on multifaceted dimensions. These included attending and facilitating WordPress events, actively contributing to Make.WordPress.org Teams, and articulating insights through articles. Each endeavor brought me into contact with a diverse array of individuals, each contributing their unique talents to enhance the WordPress ecosystem.


The WordPress community, I discovered, stands out as an extraordinary and inclusive enclave within the tech landscape. Having navigated through various industries for decades, the empathy and commitment to collective betterment found within the WordPress community are unparalleled. This isn’t merely a congregation of technical experts. It is a warm and welcoming community that values contributions from all, regardless of their technical prowess.

As I reflect on this unique journey, the camaraderie within the WordPress community becomes apparent. It is a collective effort where individuals selflessly dedicate their time and expertise, expecting nothing in return. The sense of shared values serves as a guiding light, fostering an environment where one feels empowered to contribute in their way.

Finding my community within WordPress

Beyond the technical intricacies of WordPress lies a profound sense of community. Individuals are encouraged to find their paths and modes of contribution. It’s not just about coding and development. It’s about understanding the ethos of the community, aligning with its goals, and making a positive impact. This revelation serves as a valuable lesson for those navigating the expansive realm of technology. Connecting with the values of a particular industry group and networking are crucial steps in contributing meaningfully to projects.

As I immersed myself in the tech world, particularly the WordPress community, I found a space where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. The inclusivity extends beyond technical skills, embracing individuals from all walks of life. This openness creates an atmosphere where everyone feels heard, valued, and encouraged to bring their unique perspectives to the table.

Within the broader context of the tech industry, the journey of successful females in tech serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement. It’s essential to recognize that their achievements are not defined by their gender but by their unwavering commitment, hard work, and ability to take on responsibilities. They have shattered stereotypes, proving that dedication and passion are the driving forces behind success in the tech world.

Finding your path in the tech space

For those aspiring to find their niche in tech, the path lies not only in acquiring technical skills but also in understanding the culture and values of the community they seek to join. Networking becomes a powerful tool, offering insights into the skills and knowledge required to contribute meaningfully to projects. The tech world, much like the WordPress community, rewards those who approach it with a genuine desire to make a positive impact.

In conclusion, my journey with WordPress has been transformative, leading me to a community that goes beyond technical expertise. It is a community defined by empathy, inclusivity, and a shared commitment to making the digital landscape better for everyone. The lessons learned along the way extend beyond coding and development, offering valuable insights for anyone venturing into the vast and dynamic world of technology. As we celebrate the accomplishments of successful individuals in tech, let their stories inspire and guide us towards creating a more diverse, inclusive, and collaborative future in the ever-evolving tech industry.