13 ways GoDaddy Studio can level up your content game

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Dylan Culhane

GoDaddy Studio is defined by its wide-ranging utility for everyday entrepreneurs. It is a multi-purpose design tool that shines in things like:

But there’s plenty more to discover! Let’s narrow things down below and take a look at 13 of its most popular applications to level up your content game.

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1. Create captivating Instagram Stories

Unsurprisingly, this is probably our most popular format. Stories tend to be “Top of the Pops” when it comes to engagement and the platform is engineered for interaction and storytelling.

Additionally, we love it because of the full-screen imagery. This is where beautiful design can set you apart — and video makes a big impact. Stories can range from anything like:

  • Promotions
  • Price lists
  • Menus
  • Lists
  • Polls
  • Quotes
  • Sneak peeks
  • Announcements
  • Behind-the-scenes moments

The best part is, GoDaddy Studio has design options for all of these. If you’re using Stories as part of your content strategy, you should probably be posting daily. Having templates to fast-track the design process will save you heaps of time.

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GoDaddy Studio templates for Instagram Stories

A logo is one of the first steps in creating your brand identity (or story). It also feels great to accomplish this yourself, which is easy to do in GoDaddy Studio. You can design it from scratch with graphics, font, and shapes, but it’s even easier to accomplish with a template. Pick one you like, and then modify it for your brand.

Create a logo in GoDaddy Studio mountain logo adventure apparel

Once it’s designed, you can save your logo in the Graphics library and then use it at any point in your designs.

Create a logo in GoDaddy Studio Drum Studio

3. Make video posts and ads

When you’re ready to bring out the big guns, you can start creating video posts that will take your ads to the next level.

To boost reach, it might be well worth it to add a few marketing dollars here. Marketing can consist of free or paid methods, but you must ensure you are consistently advertising. Video is a promising way to do this.

Make a sales promo gif

With GoDaddy Studio, you could either start with a video template or create your design using our extensive library of free videos. You can expect to find things like:

  • Animations
  • Textures
  • Scenes

Naturally, you can also add in your videos.

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Gif for haircare

4. Push sales with a promotion

It’s not enough to have your products or services available online. You need to give them a push from time to time. Running a promotion is the best way to do this.

GoDaddy Studio templates to promote sales

The most tried and trusted ways to ramp up sales and engagement include:

  • Sales
  • Giveaways
  • Competitions

GoDaddy Studio has hundreds of beautiful templates for all of these and you can run these whenever you want. The main thing to remember here is to get involved with big sale seasons on the calendar. This could include special dates like Holi or New Year's Day.

Plan and keep your promos in tune with your marketing or content calendar.

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5. Unify your look and feel with Layouts

One of the most under-rated secret weapons in GoDaddy Studio is Layout Collections. If you’re looking for a consistent look and feel for all your content on different platforms, these will take you three-quarters of the way there.

Alternatively, you can use Layouts to build a multi-channel campaign with heavy design elements.

Layouts include professionally designed template sets that are grouped according to style. Simply pick one, select the relevant template, and add your own text and images with the tap of a button.

GoDaddy Studio templates to unify style

6. Create and save color palettes

Another game-changing application GoDaddy Studio offers is Themes. This tool allows you to create and save color palettes for your brand. You can also pick a style for your brand, then tap to cycle through different color combinations. It also works in tandem with Layouts, Templates, and your own designs.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, you’ll have a collection of colors at your disposal to tweak. You can even save your color palette so that future projects maintain consistency.

GoDaddy Studio templates with different color schemes

7. Find your perfect font

Fonts are an essential component of your brand identity. They’re also just a lot of fun to explore and try out.

GoDaddy Studio has more than 600 fonts in its library with a Pro subscription.

They’re grouped by style categories or you can explore new on-trend additions. If you’ve chosen your brand’s font already, you can even upload it from your device.

Gif displaying different fonts in GoDaddy Studio

To start, simply tap your selected font and add it to your personal library. It’ll remain here for future use, where you can scroll through your fonts to see how it appears in real-time. There are also plenty of additional tools to edit your text, including:

  • Spacing
  • Case
  • Line height
  • Curvature

8. Make shoppable product posts

Social media commerce is one of the greatest opportunities for everyday entrepreneurs in recent years. It’s never been easier to put your products in front of a captivated audience and make sales in seconds with a tap.

But to get those taps, you need to be showing your products in their best possible light.

Using design to stand out from the crowd is a good strategy here. The Remove Background tool from GoDaddy Studio can erase the background from your images with a single tap. This helps put the focus on your products and opens up a world of creative possibilities.

GoDaddy Studio templates for shoppable posts

9. Create unique profile pics

The Remove Background tool also lets you create striking profile pics. After all, you have to look good out there on the internet, right?

GoDaddy Studio templates for unique profile pictures

Adding some design magic to your avatar creates a professional look, especially if it’s drawn from your brand identity. You can spruce up profile pics for different uses like:

  • Your business page
  • A personal blog
  • Showcasing your team

You can also express your engagement with popular culture by temporarily updating your profile pic for special days or causes.

10. Make beautiful Pinterest boards

Pinterest often gets overlooked in small business e-commerce strategies, but it’s not just for recipes and dream home fantasies.

Pinterest moves products — especially if you make use of shoppable pins connected to your online store.

This platform is also great for driving traffic to your website or blog through visual signposts. It’s worth considering (if you aren’t already) since Pinterest templates are quick and easy to use.

GoDaddy Studio templates for Pinterest

11. Create video thumbnails

If you’re using video as part of your content strategy, you know how important it is to grab attention with impactful thumbnails.

GoDaddy Studio has thumbnail templates for YouTube and IGTV covers. You can use these to create a unique look and feel for your channel while adding some professional polish to your videos.

GoDaddy Studio templates for video thumbnails

12. Design an unmissable event poster

Event posters aren’t just practical for attracting folks to your real-life or virtual gathering. They’re also one of the more creative design opportunities. This is where graphic designers love to flex their design muscles and so can you!

In GoDaddy Studio, you have the option of exporting your poster designs as JPGs or PNGs to use online. You can also export them as a PDF if you want to print them out.

GoDaddy Studio templates for event posters

13. Post a quote

Sharing an inspirational quote, affirmation, or knowledge bomb is a really good idea to consider in your social content strategy. It’s not only really easy to do with a template, but it’s a super popular format.

Additionally, it can also help position your brand’s personality and perspective on the world. Ideas that resonate with your followers can start to build the foundation of a community around your brand.

GoDaddy Studio templates for quotes

Final thoughts

These are just some of the brand-building ideas you can easily accomplish with GoDaddy's easy tool. Discover even more, by trying out the free app on web or mobile today. Take your venture to the next level with beautiful visual content.

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