5 eCommerce website templates

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Toshani B

eCommerce has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last four to five years. With thousands of small business owners selling their products online, the biggest challenge today is to ‘stand out.’ A resourceful eCommerce website template can be the first step to getting the attention you deserve online.

5 eCommerce website templates to consider

Templates (or themes) are pre-built websites that simplify the building process for those with limited technical skills. Here are five of our favourites.

  1. Velux.

  2. Activation.

  3. Lyrical.

  4. Ascension.

  5. Stout.

All of the WordPress templates shown below are included with WordPress Websites from GoDaddy. Each of them comes with:

  • Fast, reliable hosting, a requirement for any WordPress website.
  • Easy drag-and-drop template customisation tools that shorten the WordPress learning curve.
  • Intelligent designs that a resize to fit the visitor’s screen. Today, responsive design is an absolute requirement.
  • 24/7 customer support in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and English.

You can even take advantage of GoDaddy's free logo creator to create your own graphics using hundreds of design templates and fonts. It's simple to use and a quick low-hassle design option to supplement the rest of your website. Let’s dive in to our top website templates below!

1. Velux WordPress Theme

eCommerce Website Templates Velux WordPress Theme

Whether your business sells motorcycles, parts or cycle gear, this theme beckons visitors with a call to the open road. Easily add WooCommerce to accept payments and ship products from your website.

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2. Activation WordPress theme

eCommerce Website Templates Activation WordPress Theme

Businesses that sell clothing for men, women or the whole family might like this template. Swap out the included images for photos of your best-selling inventory. Check out this post for tips on taking effective product photos.

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3. Lyrical WordPress theme

eCommerce Website Templates Lyrical WordPress Theme

Looking to add an online store to your local pharmacy? Try the Lyrical theme. The simple addition of WooCommerce will allow you to sell and ship thousands of products from your WordPress Website.

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4. Ascension WordPress theme

eCommerce Website Templates Ascension WordPress Theme

Women’s and girl’s clothing is the largest apparel segment in India. Open an online boutique with the Ascension template, replacing the generic images with stunning photos of your own.

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5. Stout WordPress theme

eCommerce Website Templates Stout WordPress Theme

Businesses that design or sell jewelry should consider the Stout template for their digital outlets. Even selling a small segment of your inventory online could increase your annual sales significantly.

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Selecting a template that will sell

It is not difficult finding thousands of WordPress website templates on the web. However, selecting the right one requires knowing what to look for.

Needless to say, your aim is to ensure your online store is making a good first impression to the visitor. And it’s not just about the design and looks alone, but also the:

  • Page loading speed.
  • User-friendly fonts and images.
  • Responsive, easy-to-navigate layout.

Hence you need to choose your eCommerce website template carefully. Here are some essential guidelines on choosing the best website template for your online business.

Intuitive design

Experts believe intuitive design is the key to success when it comes to any eCommerce site. Simply put, it refers to user-friendly templates, so that when someone visits your site he or she should know exactly what to do [next]. Intuitive interface on all pages, including checkout, the home page and product pages, will improve your sales.

Responsiveness is essential

One major criterion for your online success is that your eCommerce website template must be responsive. This means the site can be easily accessible from all sorts of devices and screens, be it a laptop, a desktop or the latest iPhone.

Responsive websites that can create an impression across all devices will make you stand out in the crowd.

With more and more people looking to buy their preferred products or services ‘on the go,’ responsive websites are now a requirement.

Fast loading time

A good template should load fast enough to keep visitors from clicking away. As most visitors — especially mobile users — are in a hurry, you need to ensure that your eCommerce website template does not take more than three to four seconds to load; else you will lose out to your competition.

Keeping these elements in mind can help you choose a template that is more likely to drive sales from the very start. However, reality often bites as many WordPress web templates designed for eStores can be quite expensive. For a small business owner, working on a tight budget means doing more with less. As a result, he or she might not be able to invest massively in the website template alone.

In such a scenario, small business owners looking to build affordable online stores that are rich in features and functionality should consider WordPress Websites to launch their online stores.

Increase sales with an online store

In conclusion, we can say that the right eCommerce website template is essential for your online store. A well-designed template can deliver a great customer experience, boosting sales.

And with GoDaddy’s WordPress Websites, you have experts available to help 24/7.

While you can find numerous eCommerce website templates on the web, consider the WordPress Websites templates we’ve cited here. With automated installation, free software and security updates and a 99.9 per cent uptime guarantee, your technical stuff is taken care of. Which will free you to focus on the many other duties of running a modern business.

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