6 visual merchandising tips to increase retail sales

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Niharika Singh

Visual merchandising is one of the easiest ways to gain customers’ attention and to increase in-store sales. It involves displaying your items in the most appealing manner possible. Though it might sound highly creative, it requires scientific thinking to comprehend the way the human mind works.

Visual merchandising is as much of an art as it is a science.

Visual merchandising in retail includes a great deal of specific terminology and is so significant that there are separate formal courses dedicated to this field of study.

In this article, we are going to discuss the six most important things you can do to increase sales in your store or shop.

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Visual merchandising in retail

Even the smallest shop owners can use these ideas to sell more items.

  1. Get creative with colour combos.
  2. Choose a focal point.
  3. Target all five senses.
  4. Think about your store layout.
  5. Use empty space wisely.
  6. Group displays.

Now let’s look at each strategy in more detail.

1. Get creative with colour combos

Color is extremely important since it sets up the atmosphere and grabs customer’s attention instantaneously. Colors communicate to your mind on the subconscious level; different colors signify and communicate a specific feeling like:

  • Green signifies eco-friendly, freshness, growth
  • Red is a more energetic color and demonstrates boldness
  • Black is the color of elegance and luxury
  • Orange color communicates youth and friendliness
Visual Merchandising Clothing Display
Use color to make your product displays stand out.

Depending upon the season and the message you want to communicate, you can choose the palette of colors for your store design. Just remember, too many colors can also distract the customer’s attention.

The best way to grab attention is to use a limited number of contrasting colors.

You can find a combination of contrast colors here and choose the set of colors that best suits your display.

The choice of color in the background of product displays is also significant since it should not be too flashy to distract customer’s attention from the main product. Most retailers stick with light background colors like white or beige and use mirrors to create a sense of larger space inside the store.

2. Choose a focal point

The concept of creating a focus table or focal point is widely implemented in retail stores worldwide.

A focal point is a hot spot that captures the customer’s attention instantaneously.

It is not necessary to place the focal point at the center of the store. Rather you can use the spaces at the entrance or window displays for this purpose.

High-impact focal points feature the most stunning product items in the store or the items that customers look for frequently.

Focal points allow the customers to see the latest arrivals and trending items. A focal point in your shop window lures the customers to enter and explore different parts of the store.

3. Target all five senses

Yes, we are talking about visual merchandising but all our senses are connected.

Just like our enjoyment of food depends on factors like how the food smells, looks, tastes and is presented, similarly it works for products in a retail store. All five senses are at work towards deciding whether you like something at the store or not.

You as the retailer can work towards pleasing most (if not all) of the senses at the store.

Visual Merchandising Woman Sniffing Rose Sachet
Include food samples in your displays, or seasonal hand soaps if you have them.

Did you know 75% of our emotion is generated by what we smell? Studies suggest that pleasant fragrances are a great mood enhancer — use this in your shop.

4. Think about your store layout

Experts believe that visual merchandising is all in the layout.

There are different layouts of the store that allow you to display maximum merchandise and also encourage the purchasing behavior of the customer.

You must have noticed that renowned brands have some open space at the entrance of the store. This open space allows the customer to adjust to the ambiance of the store and transition their minds from chaos to a calmer state.

Be willing to experiment with layouts tailored to the Indian mindset.

Localisation is important, so you’ll want to make it easy for people to find the products that are most popular in your area or seasonally in demand.

And unlike in other countries, Indians look for help within three or four minutes of entering a shop. Be sure to have staff ready to respond warmly.

5. Use empty space wisely

Store rentals are skyrocketing and every inch costs you money. Is there space in your store you are not utilizing to its fullest?

Like the space between the merchandise on the top shelf and the ceiling of the store. You can experiment with this space by putting up signs that guide the customers through the store or lifestyle graphics showing happy customers using your products.

6. Group displays

Visual Merchandising Dress Shirt Display

Grouping in the display is a common phenomenon as it enables you to bring more items in front of your customers. Here are some important points to consider if you do group displays:

  • The pyramid rule says that you should display in the triangular form, with the biggest item in the middle. This way your display doesn’t look flat and monotonous.
  • Group items according to theme or color. You can also club items according to the usage. For example, teacups could be clubbed with trays and serving bowls.

Try not to display too many items, as it may look cluttered and crowded. Follow the rule of three for a cleaner and attractive display.

Make it easy for patrons to say yes

In this article, we have learned several visual merchandising strategies that can attract new visitors and help in convincing customers to buy.

Shopping is evolving from mere buying to an experience … and visual merchandising is leading the way.

If all the other crucial elements — quality of products, salesmanship and customer service — are taken care of, then you are all set to skyrocket your sales.

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