Is a one-page website enough for your business?

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Charu Mitra Dubey

India was the fastest growing online retail market in 2019, with approximately 330 million people now making digital purchases. The stats clearly reflect how the buying behavior of consumers has changed. And in order to stay in the market and grow, the business strategies should also change accordingly. In this post we will discuss the merits of a one-page website compared to a larger, more involved website to help you decide which suits your business.

Having an online presence is the need of the hour for every business.

This is especially true now, when COVID-19 has shifted many business and personal interactions online.

However, very small ventures oftentimes ignore having a website. The common reasons being not having:

  • A big budget
  • Technical skill

But neither of these should stop any business from establishing a web presence through a website.

One-page website vs. multi-page website: which one to choose?

The biggest difference between a one-page website and a multi-page website is space. A multi-page website simply has more available area for useful information and features. But let’s compare the two types of websites in more detail.

One-page website

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In less than 10 minutes, you could have your one-page website up on the internet.

A one-page website is a single page with no additional pages commonly found on websites such as:

  • Product pages
  • Photo galleries
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Landing pages for advertising campaigns

One-page sites provide basic information regarding a business, oftentimes followed by contact form.

This is a good option for a business that serves local customers and has no plans to sell online.

A one-page website provides essential information such as:

  • Name of business
  • Street address
  • Contact information (e.g. phone, email)
  • Business hours
  • Google map with your location
  • A link to your WhatsApp

As a whopping 79% of all web interactions take place on mobile phones, a single page is great for users because it can easily adapt to small screens.

However, one-page websites have their drawbacks too. For example, if you’re thinking of selling products or services online, a one-page website won’t help you. And that’s where multiple-page websites come to play.

Multiple-page website

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As the name suggests, a multiple-page website is a combination of many subpages, compiled under a navigation menu. (This is the list of links along the top, bottom and/or side of the website that helps people find what they want quickly.)

Unlike one-page websites, multiple-page websites can be used for all kinds of businesses. They do much more than provide basic information. For example, with a multi-page website a business owner can:

  • Allow clients to schedule their own appointments
  • Sell products or digital downloads directly
  • Start a blog to promote their products
  • Improve their chances of getting listed by search engines like Google

However, since a multiple-page website has more pages, photos and videos, oftentimes it takes more time to load than a one-page website. Moreover, it is more expensive to build and maintain.

The one-page solution: GoDaddy’s Online Starter Bundle

If you think a one-page website is enough for your business, Online Starter Bundle from GoDaddy is a popular choice. Here’s why:

Although it is a one-page website, Online Starter Bundle includes a lot. In addition to the name of your business, your street address, hours, phone and email, it shows:

  • A Google map with your business location
  • A clickable link to your WhatsApp for queries
  • A brief About Us section where you can share your story
  • Room for a description of your products or services
  • Space for customer reviews
  • A newsletter signup form so you can send coupons or news

And the best part is, you get it all for a price that costs less even than a pizza.

Creating a website for your business

Online Starter Bundle includes three key elements:

  • A unique domain name (e.g. to serve as your website address
  • A professional email with your domain name right in it. This email works on your phone and desktop, and syncs across your devices.
  • An easy-to-build web page that requires only point-click-type skills

We explain each element in more detail below.

A domain name

A domain name is a digital address that people use to find your business online. It can be your business name or something that suggests your business’s unique selling proposition.

You can’t have a website without a domain name.

Some tips to consider while choosing a domain name for your website:

Check out this tutorial on how domains work for more help with this step.

An email address

When you join the online business world, image becomes crucial. Because more and more, customers’ first impression of a business comes via their inbox.

An email from looks far more professional than one from

A professional email address helps you build a professional image and look trustworthy to new customers. You also get security and an anti-spam filter to keep your inbox free from spams.

Your business page

Woman Holding Bowl of Cut Greens

The bridge that connects your business with the rest of the world is your website. With Online Starter Bundle, creating a website for your business is a matter of just a few clicks. No, you don’t need any technical knowledge or design skills.

Here’s all you do:

  1. Choose a template that suits your business.
  2. Add all the information that you would want your potential customers to know about.
  3. Add social media links to allow fans to follow your business and talk about it.

If you get stuck somewhere, help from knowledgeable local GoDaddy Guides is readily available via cell (040 67607600) or WhatsApp (+91 40 6760 7655).

Now that you’re done with your website, it’s time to hold your breath and publish. Once you go live, you allow millions of potential customers out there to contact your business.

Editor's note: Boost your online visibility even further by creating a custom logo using GoDaddy's Logo Maker. It's free to use and has hundreds of design templates and fonts to choose from — no prior design skill necessary.

Give your business the wings it needs to soar

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses (especially retail) are looking for ways to keep doing business. And the only solution that remains is entering the digital universe.

With GoDaddy’s Online Startup Bundle, you get everything your business needs to go digital. Get online and find those who are looking for you!

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