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Brian Pereira

In the digital age, an email is usually the first interaction for small business owners, entrepreneurs and startup professionals. It could be in reply to a customer asking for a quotation or for more details about your product or service. If you’re a supplier, you might be pitching your latest products to businesses via email. Or maybe you are answering a query from a potential investor who is interested in your business. In any case, you’ll want to make a good impression.

A professional ID such as shows the name of your business, telling the reader you’re legitimate.

Ensure professional email communication with an email ID that matches your website domain name.

Present a trustworthy face to the world

Here are some advantages of having a professional email ID:

  • A professional email ID reflects the name of your website and company, so it works like word-of-mouth advertising for your company.
  • A professional email service offers email plans that are advertisement-free and that have better spam filters.
  • It shows professionalism and that you are serious about your business.
  • It allows you to customize the email address and add your name.

What’s more, you only pay for what you need, without bundled extras that you won’t be using (more on this later).

But I already have an email address/account

Good Impression Woman Leaning on White Wall
What kind of impression do you want to give to those who have never met you?

That is the usual response one gets from small business owners who are using email services from Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Outlook), Yahoo! or some other email service. These services are likely to be free of cost, up to a specific limit in storage, and it's natural for small business owners with tight budgets to go the free route.

But a prospective customer who receives an email from will not have a good impression of the sender.

After all, anyone may get a free email account — even a spammer.

Marketers, spammers and hackers use free email services to trick people with their dubious schemes. Your customer might doubt your credibility and do some background checking on your credentials. And therefore, we advise you against using your free personal email address for business communications.

Yes, the free email services offer professional email

… But there is a catch.

Google’s Gmail, for instance, offers up to 15 GB of storage. And when you reach that limit, you must upgrade your account to extend the storage, using one of Google’s G Suite plans (check current prices here).

Of course, these plans come with more storage and better security. But they include extras that you don’t need.

These plans offer a suite of products, most of which you may never use.

Good Impression Rolls of Currency

The G Suite Basic and Business plans include Google Docs (documents, spreadsheet, presentation), website builder, hangouts chat and other applications. It’s likely that you will never use these products or you are already using equivalent products from other software developers. For instance, you may want to continue using a particular product for your presentations, instead of Google Slides presentation builder.

Why pay extra for those products, when all you need is an email address?

Here is a better option

If all you need is just an email address for your business, then you’ll save a lot by opting for a service like GoDaddy Professional Email.

This service, from one of the most trusted companies in the world, gives you a professional email address that will make a good impression on business associates and customers.

When you have an email address that matches your business name, you will earn your customers’ trust. The email address looks authentic, and recipients will not be suspicious about the legitimacy or genuineness of the sender. And yes, it leaves a good impression on suppliers, partners, customers and business associates.

You can have a GoDaddy professional email address for a fraction of the price of what you’d pay for a G Suite Basic plan, and much less than the monthly cost for Office 365 Business plan. Check GoDaddy Professional Email prices here.

Here are some benefits of GoDaddy Mail:

  • Good Impression Man on Mobile PhoneAn email address that matches your business domain name/web address
  • 10 GB of email storage
  • Email can be accessed on mobile through email apps
  • 24x7 customer service
  • Enterprise-grade security with 256-bit encryption
  • Virus, spam and fraud protection to keep your inbox safe and clean
  • Preview email attachments without downloading or opening them, even on mobile
  • Integration with other calendar apps with appointment, task, and event reminders on all your devices

You can even connect your Professional Email ID with your regular Microsoft Outlook or Apple mail for ease of use.

Make a good impression with professional email

Apart from lending a professional image to your emails, GoDaddy Professional Email also offers safety with its enterprise-grade security.

Professional Email is more less costly than a “free” account you must upgrade.

It also offers ad-free mail, which is secure. That enables you to focus on your messages without having to deal with distracting advertisements, spam mail, viruses, malware and storage limitations.

Plus, it offers convenient connectivity with the email systems or calendars you are currently using. And all this costs a fraction of the price you would pay for other email services.

So go ahead and get a professional email ID for your business — your customers, partners, suppliers and business associates are sure to be impressed.

And word about your business and website will spread, faster than you think!

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