Why look for GoDaddy help on WhatsApp?

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Priyanka Desai

It is imperative for modern-day businesses to be where their customers are. And why not? In today’s world of omnichannel communication using texts, chat, posts and tweets, people want to interact with businesses the same way they connect with their friends and family. If you’re looking for answers from GoDaddy, WhatsApp is the place to start.

GoDaddy help on WhatsApp takes communication with their support team to a whole new level.

It offers private, end-to-end encrypted, real-time conversations delivered through an app we all use several times a day.

Get help in your language

With GoDaddy help on WhatsApp, 1,000+ tech experts from GoDaddy’s Care Centre provide round-the-clock help in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and English. Each month, GoDaddy techs receive 1,00,000 incoming customer calls and respond to 1,10,000 WhatsApp messages.

Answers from local tech pros

What’s more, the entire call centre management is local.

Three-quarters of GoDaddy’s India-based tech experts work from Hyderabad, while the remaining work from Mohali.

In all, the GoDaddy help centre team supports 1.4 million Indian customers, and half of them have signed up to interact with us on WhatsApp.

Person holding a smartphone

When you connect with GoDaddy on WhatsApp, here’s how we can help you:

  • Let you know when your subscriptions are up for renewal
  • Receive step-wise guidance of setting up and using GoDaddy products
  • Get tips on how our products can help you grow your business

Even better, you can chat with our GoDaddy Guides 24/7 via the app.

The services you can use with GoDaddy help on WhatsApp

The introduction of GoDaddy help on WhatsApp has been monumental, making it a powerful new way to serve the Indian audience.

To bring your ideas to life, we’re trained and ready to guide you to success. The different services you can access using GoDaddy include:

  • Account management
  • Naming a business
  • Choosing a hosting plan
  • Website SSL certification
  • Managed WordPress
  • Workspace emails
  • Website builder

Over WhatsApp, you can receive order notifications, product demo videos, and get your queries answered 24/7 by trained, local GoDaddy Guides.

Why do Indian customers prefer using GoDaddy help on WhatsApp?

From the onset, GoDaddy has been a strong advocate of hiring local staff. In India, call centre management staff is locally trained. While the Covid-19 pandemic had a bad impact on jobs globally, we’re proud to say that GoDaddy did not lay off a single member of their staff.

The call centre gender ratio is 70% men to 30% females, a feat that most organizations find challenging to achieve.

Web developer seen from behind their desk

Another feather in our cap is the fact that each new hire receives three weeks of training in GoDaddy culture, product and sales. Then on, four weeks of supervised training where they are gradually launched on the call centre floor. Furthermore, all our support staff have a minimum of B.A. degree.

One reason why our call centre reps can solve 80% of the calls they get, without assistance from a supervisor, is that 70% of the agents in the Hyderabad Centre are vTech graduates and 80% are hosting specialists.

Rest assured, when you reach out to GoDaddy for help, your issues will be resolved by experts. Adding to that, the average incoming call was answered in under 2 minutes and GoDaddy Guides spent an average of 30 minutes with each caller.

The results our support team has witnessed are a testament to our stellar efforts. Measured in terms of TNPS (transactional net promoter score) the satisfaction rate is:

  • 60 in June 2021
  • 59 in May 2021
  • 55 in April 2021

To add more context, a TPS of 35-40 is considered good and a TNPS above 50 is exceptional.

New call-back feature

This year, we added a new call feature, where if the call drops when a customer calls in, they are called back within 10 minutes. This led to the current high TNPS score.

What led GoDaddy to add WhatsApp to customer channels?

The two most common channels businesses use to connect with their customers are email and text — and both are effective in their own right. However, messaging apps like WhatsApp have capabilities that allow us to have a significant impact on customer satisfaction while improving security.

Here are the three reasons we employed GoDaddy help on WhatsApp in our customer support arsenal:

#1. Connecting with you where you are

Call centre rep wearing a headset

Today, companies understand that to deliver an exceptional customer experience, they have to be on channels their customers prefer. As per Twilio, nine out of 10 customers prefer using messaging apps to communicate with businesses.

GoDaddy help on WhatsApp gives our customers the freedom to reach out on a messaging app they use regularly. Also, we respond to customer queries within 24 hours, ensuring that customer issues are resolved promptly.

#2. Option to jump on a call whenever needed

If you want to take things further head, you can always jump on a call with our GoDaddy Guides.

Surely, chatting has its benefits. But a phone call adds an even more personal touch and is sometimes more effective in resolving issues.

#3. Making use of WhatsApp’s multimedia formats

The best part of WhatsApp customer service communication is the fact that its features go beyond just chatting. They include:

  • Sending explanatory videos of our products
  • Sending post-purchase reminders
  • Support from pre-sales to post-sales

GoDaddy on WhatsApp — brilliant!

Since inception, we have been focused on providing the best possible customer experience. With GoDaddy help on WhatsApp, we are now available to help our users on whichever channel they prefer. While some customers rely on connecting through phone calls, others can opt to reach out to our care centre via WhatsApp.