7 portfolio examples to inspire you

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Charu Mitra Dubey

As an artist, UX designer, photographer, web developer or creative professional, it’s your work that defines you. In order to get more projects, you need a portfolio to showcase all your exemplary work. If you’re looking for inspiring portfolio examples before building your own, we have you covered.

Whether you’re trying to get a new job or land your next gig, having a portfolio is essential.

But here’s a fact: the internet is flooded with thousands of portfolios. So to get noticed by your potential clients, you need to stand out in this jam-packed space.

Check out the following examples, get inspired and get to work on a notable portfolio for yourself.

1. Adel

Owner: Adel Vakula

Designed for an internationally famous model from Ukraine, the website is an outstanding example of creativity as well as serious design skills. This WordPress portfolio offers a highly unusual experience for visitors.

The most intriguing part of this portfolio example is a feature that allows viewers to drag and drop outfits onto a virtual Adel and see how she looks in that specific outfit.

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2. Maxim Shkret

Owner: Maxim Shkret

This is a novel fundraising initiative by Maxim Shkret, a Russia-based digital artist looking to raise money for the 3D printing and 5-axis CNC machining tools required to create his sculptures.

Visitors can support Maxim’s work by buying digital shots on his website.

The WordPress portfolio website opens with four of the artist’s 20 3D models. Each model can be rotated to 360 degrees to have a complete view of the design. Visitors can click on the BUY THIS SHOT option and buy the digital sculpture.

Pages like About, Contact and Gallery are also there on the front-page. The approach is distinctive because it not only allows the creator to showcase his work, but lets him use it to earn instantly. Smart and creative!

3. Augusto Garcia

Owner: Augusto Garcia

A portfolio should display your expertise and that’s what Augusto Garcia’s portfolio website reflects — his expertise in designing mobile apps. The front page of the website shows a picture of him, along with a short, crisp introduction and a few links (About, Contact, and Resume).

On scrolling down, visitors can find more about his expertise and previous work samples organized in a neat pattern with lots of white space. On clicking on his work samples, you can go through the case study of the specific project and the testimonial he received from the client for the work.

The strategy used by Augusto is simple and clear: to show, convince and then convert.

4. Velvet Spectrum

Owner: Luke Choice

Colors are meant to grab attention, and Luke Choice uses this strategy very well. Luke is a 3D artist and typography designer based out of Australia.

While the other portfolio website examples are confined to presenting samples, Velvet Spectrum is a complete website for a business maintained by Luke and his team.

Upon entering the website, a visitor gets to see several work samples represented in a splashy manner with colorful thumbnails. Other than the homepage, there are more pages like Work, Service, Contact and so forth.

It’s a wonderful example of a portfolio website serving more needs than a simple digital portfolio.

5. Oana Foto

Owner: Oana Foto

If you’re a photographer looking for an inspiring portfolio example, Oana Foto is the right one for you. It’s a beautifully-designed WordPress portfolio that gives visitors a highly intuitive browsing experience.

It has parallax scrolling navigation with an overlapping effect, making it easy for visitors to check out everything in a go.

And the portfolio page consists of multiple horizontally scrolling work samples that visitors can even view in full-screen mode. This website is what a photographer needs to turn visitors into clients.

6. Kate Moross

Owner: Kate Moross

How would you feel after viewing a colorful journal filled with illustrations and art? Kate Moross’s portfolio gives this exact vibe.

The homepage of the website draws visitors in with aesthetically organized thumbnails that represent Kate’s expertise in illustration and graphic design. Pages like Biography, Contact, Work Archive, etc. are also there.

7. ToyFight

Owners: Jonny Lander and Leigh Whipday

How about a portfolio that makes the process of moving around fun? ToyFight does it well. It has plenty of slick elements like:

  • Parallax scrolling
  • Animated transitions
  • 3D toy replicas of the founders fighting with each other

This portfolio website takes the viewing experience to another level and shows how you can create memorable experiences with digital design.

The idea here isn’t just to display work samples but to convince visitors about how the owners meld creativity with innovation to level up their designs.

Take inspiration from these portfolio examples

A portfolio tells people who you are as a creative professional. And like every kind of artist, you too need inspiration. These are some of the best portfolios out there. Now it’s your turn to get inspired and create something that reveals your uniqueness.

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