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Vipin Labroo

Digital marketing has humongous potential in India, considering the fact that our country has the second-highest internet penetration in the world. With more and more Indian businesses going online, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic, there’s been a surge of demand for digital marketing. A credible digital marketing certification is, therefore, a prized possession in India these days.

90,500 online searches were carried out for ‘digital marketing courses’ in May, 2020 alone.

Among the most sought after ones is the Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification offered by GoDaddy. Its popularity is on account of the fact that it is:

  • Backed by a major global corporation
  • Quite reasonably priced

Let us look at what this digital marketing certification is about in some detail.

This learning program is as comprehensive as it possibly can be when it comes to understanding anything and everything to do with digital marketing.

The course structure of this digital marketing certificate online encompasses the following components:

1. An overview of digital marketing

The course provides a comprehensive look at the digital marketing industry and familiarizes you with the different types of online marketing that exist.

2. Content creation

In this section you will gain a detailed understanding of the search engine optimization (SEO) process as well as both content planning and writing. This helps hone your content development skills considerably.

3. Graphic designing

Graphic designing training incorporates the basics of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

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4. Web designing

This involves learning everything about online themes, plugins, widgets and WordPress templates.

5. Design optimization

In this class, you’ll learn about visuals, aesthetics, content optimization, compatibility, usability, backend optimization as well as speed optimization.

6. WordPress development and management

You are required to learn a whole slew of important functions like post and page creation, text formatting, publishing and scheduling posts, adding images, audio and video, managing WordPress and so on.

7. Website optimization

The course equips you to understand all aspects of website optimization including delivering content, measuring performance, optimizing images, optimizing the code and many other important components of the process.

Other crucial components of the course include things like Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Blogging, Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Analytics, Sales Outreach Techniques and Email Marketing.

Unlimited access to 200+ videos made available to the learner by this online, video-based program means that you have all the time to perfect your learning.

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What students like about this digital marketing certification

There was high interest in getting a digital marketing certificate online even before the pandemic. That interest has only increased since 2020.

In addition to being able to learn on their own time, students appreciate the following about GoDaddy’s digital marketing certification:

  1.     The learning is accomplished by way of bite-sized learning packages
  2.     Courses are taught by industry experts
  3.     You get to practice what you learn
  4.     It ends with a live project-based assessment

The last point is particularly significant, as after completing coursework and receiving an assessment based on that, one needs to successfully undertake a project to receive certification.

This ensures that the trainee is able to hit the deck running, when it comes to starting their digital marketing career.

GoDaddy Academy Programme Highlights

This course comprises a number of precise digital marketing modules, that are not only compact in size, but very affordable too.  Among the ones that you could go for include:

  1.     Digital Marketing Essentials (420 minutes, 7 lectures, free)
  2.     Sales Essentials - Pitch Better (410 minutes, 10 lectures, free)
  3.     Working with WordPress (400 minutes, 13 lectures, view cost)
  4.     Understanding Websites (400 minutes, 13 lectures, view cost)
  5.     Design Optimization (90 minutes, 8 lectures, view cost)
  6.     Learning Web Basic Tools (360 minutes, 4 lectures, view cost)

A key highlight of getting certified by GoDaddy Academy is the fact that you can get a much coveted listing created in the GoDaddy Academy database. Such a listing can help you land assignments from businesses seeking a digital marketing professional.

Impress clients with a certificate

The digital marketing certification offered by GoDaddy provides a great opportunity to the Indian youth and anyone else seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for digital marketing professionals in India.

Not only is the structure of the course all-encompassing, but it is also one of the most economical ones available in the market.

That apart, the ability to learn according to one’s convenience on account of the many digital marketing modules and the fact that you get to learn from industry experts are added advantages. Besides, the focus on practical learning exemplified by the live project assessment makes this course way better than many others.

To top it all is the humongous strategic advantage of getting listed in the GoDaddy Academy databases — something that could result in a steady stream of clients. What more could an aspiring digital marketing professional hope for from a course like this?

Digital marketing industry expected to grow

With businesses in India increasingly attaching more importance to digital marketing as reflected in the across-the-board restructuring of their marketing budgets to include the digital format, now’s the ideal time to embark upon a career as a digital marketing professional.

Data provided by GlobalData say the Indian eCommerce sector is slated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 19.6% in the 2019 to 2023 period. This points to a rise in demand for digital marketing professionals in the immediate future.

With GoDaddy pulling out all the stops in providing digital marketing aspirants with the most comprehensive and economical certification courses in the country, the path to becoming a successful digital marketer was never easier.

You can learn more about all the certification programs offered by GoDaddy Academy here.