Graylogic Technologies: Technology + processes = satisfied customers

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Maxym Martineau

Srinivas Chaganti, CEO of Graylogic Technologies, provides world-class, web-based services and solutions for clients all over the world. Looking to expand, Graylogic Technologies came to GoDaddy wanting to offer products and services backed by world-class support. As a result, they now have a healthier bottom line and an enhanced brand image.

Graylogic Technologies CEO Srinivas ChagantiGraylogic + GoDaddy: A partnership for growth

Graylogic Technologies (P) Ltd. has been creating innovative mobility apps and software solutions customised to client requirements. With its suite of mobile and web-based services, Graylogic is a pioneer in the field of digital solutions. “We combine processes with technology to achieve consistent customer satisfaction,” Srinivas says.

For nearly 11 years, Graylogic has set a benchmark for quality products and services with a focus on ready-to-use web layouts, web design, web solutions and global outsourcing services. To enhance his service offering to customers, Srinivas signed up for the GoDaddy Partner Program. He was impressed not only by the program’s value, but also that an association with the world’s No. 1 domain registrar would help him grow his business and brand.

Making the right business moves

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Having built a robust business over two decades, Srinivas was keenly aware that to expand his brand, he would need to create a niche. He identified hosting services as a good value proposition to include in his services portfolio.

GoDaddy offered the perfect solution with its white-labelled storefront through which Graylogic could offer hosting packages in addition to other products and solutions.

“This is easily the most comprehensive and wide range of product offerings in the industry.”

As a GoDaddy Partner, these are available at a preferred price to Graylogic, allowing them to offer a winning combination of product and price to their customers. Their robust product offerings also help them gain new customers. The GoDaddy platform comes pre-integrated with a payment gateway that allows multi-currency transactions. Srinivas refers to this as a “major advantage” that has helped them to accelerate new customer acquisitions globally.

The co-marketing advantage

As a GoDaddy Partner, Graylogic can also take advantage of co-marketing initiatives.

Co-marketing has been one of the finest initiatives from GoDaddy. It has helped us find new opportunities, generate leads and explore new markets for business. This has definitely made a huge impact in business growth.”

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Along with supporting event participation for their partners, GoDaddy’s co-marketing initiatives have helped them launch integrated campaigns, reaching out to their customers through email, SMS, telecalling and content support.

For Graylogic, an important aspect of the association is GoDaddy’s own brand reputation as a world leader. Many of its customers choose the GoDaddy platform for domain registration, points out Srinivas. This helps them easily manage their accounts and provides an opportunity to promote renewals and transfers.

“Acquiring new customers is not my sole aim. Retaining them is more important especially in this competitive landscape,” says Srinivas.

Service equals success

In addition to price benefits and bundle deals that Graylogic extends to its customers, GoDaddy’s world-class technical support offered via the white-labelled storefront has been the pièce de résistance in Graylogic’s armor. It has enabled Graylogic to make a remarkable impression on new customers and provide enough reason for the existing ones to stick around.

“Timely support is a key differentiator in our business and drives customer retention. Thanks to GoDaddy, I can offer it to all my customers.”

All support related queries are escalated to a dedicated GoDaddy partner helpline. Srinivas also notes the importance of the GoDaddy Regional Business Development Manager, who guides them through customer queries and customer acquisition campaigns.

Logical next steps

Srinivas is pleased to have become a GoDaddy Partner. Enhanced brand image means the future looks bright for his business. “With GoDaddy, I am ready to play big.”