How GoDaddy’s developer tools helped Pixels Agency grow

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Nikhil Arora

Pixels Agency is a storytelling-driven digital marketing firm in Mumbai that specializes in creating unforgettable online engagement. Started by Nikesh Masiwal in 2006, Pixels helps startups and established businesses design delightful digital experiences that engage and influence their customers. Today, Pixels provides their clients with services across the digital marketing spectrum, from SEO to social media marketing, and they continue to grow. Their highly skilled team continually learns and adapts to keep up with evolving technology. This includes staying abreast of the latest developer tools.

Pixels started to realize its full potential a few years ago when they began serving customers overseas, along with growing their Indian client base.

Developer tools ease client management

To manage clients remotely, especially those in the U.S., Nikesh frequently used GoDaddy’s delegate access which allows a user to manage another person’s account. Seeking a more efficient solution, Nikesh came across GoDaddy’s Pro Program on the GoDaddy blog, which he regularly reads.

“We scaled fairly quickly owing to the value brought to us by GoDaddy and GoDaddy Pro.” — Nikesh Masiwal, Founder of Pixels Agency

GoDaddy Pro is designed specifically to serve the needs of web professionals and includes:

  • Automated tools to manage and monitor customer accounts.
  • Seamless monitoring of multiple sites.
  • Dedicated support.

The program made life and work much easier for Nikesh right away. Joining was easy — he just filled out a form with some basic information, which was quickly verified to complete his admission to the program.

It isn’t called pro for nothing

Nikesh is quick to call out all the advantages of the Pro program.

Account management across clients is effortless — you can do it all in one place via a single login, without juggling between client passwords.

Some of Pixels’ favorite features are the program’s:

All are bundled into the GoDaddy Pro tool. The site uptime monitor sends an automated email from GoDaddy Pro in real-time in the event of a service outage — for even a single minute.

The client reporting tools send out periodic emails to website owners about analytics, performance, uptime and security of their sites. Nikesh says their clients appreciate these regular updates that enable them to make data-driven decisions. The updates save the agency time, too, since they no longer have to manually generate reports.

”We are pretty sure that we’ve signed retainers with most of our clients because GoDaddy Pro Program helps us manage them well.”

Developer Tools Pixels Agency BlueAir

GoDaddy Pro also lists services of web professionals on its website, which helps agencies like Pixels showcase their work and sign on clients without spending on marketing. “We have received multiple inquiries via GoDaddy, and a lot of these clients have referred us further,” said Nikesh.

Customer kudos make it all worth it

Pixels Agency is particularly proud of the impressive customer base they have established with the help of partners like GoDaddy. “We have been able to build strong relationships with our clients and the GoDaddy team as well, who have constantly supported us,” adds Nikesh.

Nikesh is quick to recount several instances where GoDaddy Pro support saved the day.

Recently one of their clients had a service outage in an Amazon EC2 server. Because Pixels uses the Pro Program’s uptime monitor, they were notified the minute it went down and were able to take action immediately. The client really appreciated the quick resolution of such a critical issue.

Developer Tools Pixels Agency HiCare

“I interact with the GoDaddy team fairly often, and they update me with all the upcoming products and events. Sometimes they call me just to say hello and make sure that we’re doing well. I consider them a part of my team,” said Nikesh.