How to get global clients for web development in India

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Name a company that doesn’t want to build a global audience? Right now, Indian web designers are at the rage of providing something that can lead globally. No wonder many are asking themselves, “How do I get clients for my web designing startup in India?“

Developing a global website is step #1 for getting web design clients.

The overall web design grabs the attention of more users. It also has an international edge because everything on the website is designed to attract an audience from more locations.

In web designing, understanding your target audience is essential to designing a website that works for them. Having a clear understanding of current business helps to connect effectively (of course, with a solid webpage).

Here are top 4 tips for Indian web designers to appeal to the global audience.

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1. Work on your brand value

The first tip on getting web design clients from outside India has to do with branding.

Your brand value depends on how your customers perceive your products and services. In Indian markets, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are considered high brand values for a reason.

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”

— Seth Godin

It is difficult to quantify the value of a brand in dollars, but a strong brand benefits greatly from brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Improving your brand value works as a gadget to attract consumers who want to shop with a quality brand.

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2. Keep changing with the times

To reach a global audience, think about:

  • Tailoring your content in different ways — for example, by having a multilingual website
  • Making text and photos more appealing to people around the world

Collaborate with more international audiences to interact with your content. However, keep in mind that language and cultural barriers can affect the way something is perceived.

Pay attention to details

Talking about the current Indian scenario, web developers should keep the site’s navigation in mind. When improving your site's navigation, your visitors must be able to find the required information.

This can include basic things such as:

This last assures that whoever is surfing through their mobile phone, their experience does not change significantly.

You need to understand the current business needs, for example: who your buyers are and where they are from. This is how you can communicate with them effectively.

3. Start your research

You should also be aware of the markets you are looking to enter soon. This can help you avoid having your website rebuilt just a few months after launch.

It isn’t easy for a web developer to create a specific global market if he is not asking what products or services are in demand.

There’s no other way you can learn about your audience if you aren’t doing thorough research. Most likely, the results will be different for each audience segment. This means that the entire user experience must be optimized.

Usually, web developers look over their competitors’ shoulders or peek into their designs. If you look at your competitors, you will get a clearer picture of where you should focus.

Take a close look at your competitors’ websites to see what they have in common. You’re not trying to copy it. You'll see what works and what doesn’t. Evaluate:

  • Usability
  • Design
  • Content
  • Layout
  • Navigation
  • Optimization

Look for what works well, but also weaknesses and opportunities for strategic advantage.

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4. Build relationships through guest posts

The final tip on getting web design clients globally has to do with pulling international readers to your website through valuable content.

Guest posts you write for other websites can bring traffic to your website. In addition, each post can get a lot of traffic on its own, which is very important.

These are not the passive results you would expect from a mandatory signature and hope for the best. You can work to improve traffic conversion by 60% or more.

Posting your content on another’s website, you can not only establish yourself as an expert but also get authority in the field.

You can also build your customer base by reaching new audiences.

To get the best chance of doing this, focus on relationship-building and mutually beneficial aspects of a guest blog, rather than employing a one-time guest post and link-building strategy.

Why creating a global-friendly site is a must

Daffodils on a desk next to a computer
Photo: Firmbee on Unsplash

Nothing is worse than a website with a cluttered or confusing navigation interface.

Inappropriate design practices such as excessive navigation, blur or confusing hypertext, and lack of organization can make it difficult for your visitors to find the destination they want to reach.

If potential consumers cannot find what they are looking for, there is no need to stay on your site. Instead, they will jump back and find a competitor that gives them a better experience.

When you visit GoDaddy from the U.K., you will be automatically redirected to

GoDaddy website country drop-down

This is because the best global websites select their default domain and language based on dynamic GeoIP tracking.

So, regardless of which country you are accessing the site from, your current location will redirect to the local site. However, some websites allow all users to access their websites, which are country-specific and therefore do not have local settings.

In India, nearly 425 million people speak Hindi as a first language and about 120 million as a second language. Hence it is worth adding the Hindi language to your website.

Whether you start translating right away or not, you need to make room for localization. Each language requires a different space to say the same thing, either because of the different font sizes or the number of words needed to describe something.

French, German and Portuguese occupy about 30% more space than English, while other languages occupy a different space.

A web developer can relate how rebuilding and making changes in the site can feel. So, how about avoiding rebuilding your site a few months after launch, considering the new needs. Check which language your consumers speak and make a site accordingly.

If you start finding out answers about your audience, the results are likely to be different for each audience segment, so think of a global audience. That means optimizing the entire user experience, no matter where they are.

Key takeaways

After you get recognition from a global audience, it will bring a plethora of opportunities for you as a web developer.

Getting global web design clients means that you can expand and develop a more cost-effective marketing strategy.

This can save you valuable time and resources. It also contributes to a high return on investment and helps a business grow sustainably.

Audience analysis allows you to create personalized content for your customers that matches their needs. This way, you can resolve their pain points and build long-term relationships with them.

Go global!


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