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Juned Ghanchi

The recent pandemic-led crisis has gripped the world and thrown both public life and businesses out of balance. It has also forced many firms to hire freelance web developers for their web projects, instead of going after established development services. 

Fortunately, they don't need to compromise on quality by hiring freelance professionals. 

Because GoDaddy, the world's leading hosting solution provider, is now training aspiring web professionals with its carefully crafted and market-oriented developer certification programs

GoDaddy Academy: your source for skilled freelance web developers 

GoDaddy Academy within a short span of time has established itself as a robust institution able to meet the growing needs of India's web ventures. The Academy has risen to quick popularity and enrolled more than 15,000 students through its certification and training programs across web development and digital marketing skills. 

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GoDaddy has set a goal of creating a talent pool comprising more than 50,000 skilled young web professionals in India.

From 2020, GoDaddy Academy has enrolled over 2,000 specialist educators across diverse web development and business skills from more than 800 universities and engineering colleges. 

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What skills do GoDaddy Certified programs offer? 

GoDaddy Academy primarily focuses on developing and nourishing skills and expertise areas that freelance web developers and designers need to develop online credentials and branding. The Academy also offers a certificate in digital marketing.

Some of the key skills imparted by the GoDaddy Academy with its four certification programs include the following:

Certified Web Professional

This certification course will help an aspiring web professional build a solid command of elementary web development, web marketing, and web management skills. 

The five- hours-long course teaches the basics of:

  • Web languages such as HTML, CSS and JAVA
  • User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design
  • Graphic design and hosting fundamentals
  • Networking skills
  • Basic digital marketing and online sales skills

Certified Web Developer 

One step up from Certified Web Professional, this is the course to impart advanced web development skills. Here students learn how to develop fully functional websites from the ground up. 

Developer at a tall desk

This certification teaches the most important web development languages and technologies for modern web projects.

The 60-hours-long course helps students:

  • Become skilled with languages such as Ajax, PHP and MySQL
  • Keep abreast of all Cloud computing concepts
  • Learn WordPress development 

It will also impart intermediate-level training on online marketing and sales. 

Certified Web Architect 

This advanced certification program nurtures mastery in the art of developing websites with advanced skills and business-specific attributes.

This 90-hours-long certification program dives deep into Python and advanced database solutions, server-side app installation, cloud-based apps, website optimization and advanced skills on online marketing and sales.

Digital Marketing Professional

This certification program comprises all the skills and expertise areas required to build an online brand and make successful business outreach. 

The program imparts training on blogging, domain authority building, social media marketing, email marketing and all advanced digital marketing and online business conversion skills. 

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As the small business market opportunities in the online space are exponentially growing, GoDaddy Academy is here in to provide certified professionals ready to meet the need.  

So, whether you want to hire a certified web developer, CMS specialist or a certified digital marketing professional, there is GoDaddy Academy for you. 

Run and managed by the world's most respected web experts, GoDaddy Academy can bring you the best web architecture, digital marketing and web development freelancers. Simply click Get listed on the bottom of this page to post your project and connect with GoDaddy-certified professionals.

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